Swapping the Blues for the Greens: 5 Strains that Help Treat Depression


5 of the Best Marijuana Strains for Depression

What are the best marijuana strains for depression? Take a cue from the many medical marijuana patients who are ditching their conventional antidepressants for cannabis and try lighting up a joint instead. Cannabis can be an effective alternative to prescription drugs that treat symptoms of depressed mood, lack of interest in daily activities, and insomnia.

One of the major benefits of using marijuana to treat depression is the absence of negative side effects that typically accompany prescription medication. If you find that your bouts of depression fluctuate in severity, you’ll also have more control over your treatment with the ability to eat, vape, or smoke enough cannabis until you feel good.

Finding the right strain of cannabis is going to give you the best results, depending on the type of symptoms you are looking to treat — as well as personal preference in your cannabis experience.

5 Marijuana Strains that Many Patients Have Found Effective in Treating Depression

Sour Diesel

Sour D, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is a fast-acting strain with long-lasting effects. The name comes from its distinctive aroma of pungent diesel. With its uplifting content of limonene, this strain’s energizing qualities crush depression as well as stress and pain without putting you to sleep. You might even get out of your funk and be inspired to redirect your energies toward some creative endeavors.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is one of Colorado’s best-selling strains for a reason. A hybrid Haze and Blueberry, this berry-flavored strain leans sativa, working well as a treatment for depression, as well as pain and stress. High in myrcene, it’s a particularly calming high that would be appropriate for a wide audience. Light this one up in the afternoon — many say it’s one of the best marijuana strains for depression.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is an excellent strain to put your blues to bed in the evening. With this sweet, grape-flavored indica, you’ll get a euphoric mental lift to go along with full-body relaxation. This strain is especially good for people who suffer from insomnia on top of their depression; in fact, treating insomnia has proven to be an effective treatment for depression.

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies has a flavor reminiscent of Thin Mints, this indica-dominant hybrid is rich in caryophyllene, the peppery terpene that has incredible anti-depressant qualities. With THC levels ranking between 22 and 30 percent, GSC is a good choice for experienced medical marijuana patients looking for a potent and effective treatment for depression as well as other potentially-related conditions like severe pain and poor appetite. Keep this one on your nightstand as a nightcap.


This earthy and sweet hybrid is high on the CBD, with a low THC content, making it a suitable strain for marijuana patients who aren’t looking to get high. Alex Jacobs of Terpene Botanicals recommends Cannatonic as an all-around standout for treating depression, anxiety, fatigue, and pain. It’s among the star players of cannabis strains for depression.

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