5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Cannabis Journal


5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Strain Tracker Journal

Remember that diary you kept back in Middle School? You might want to break it out again; these days people of all ages are journaling about everything from their eating habits to their fitness routine to their feelings. And you can add cannabis use to that list of journal topics — people are figuring out that keeping a strain tracker journal might just be the key to taking your weed experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Why might you want to write down about your experiences with various types of cannabis? Well, for starters, to help you remember what you are experiencing. As we all know, marijuana can be a mind-altering experience. A mind-altering experience you will want to remember, but it might be a bit blurrier than you’d like. Keeping a cannabis journal can also help you not only evaluate your experience and determine what works best for you, but it can also help you share that knowledge with your close network of pot enthusiast friends. Think of it as a chance to create your own wine guide or food blog, but it’s about your adventures with cannabis.

According to research from Dr. James W. Pennebaker, chair of the psychology department at the University of Texas, Austin, reported by Harvard Health Publishing, expressive writing (as you do when you are keeping a journal) can help to reduce stress, help you cope with emotional experiences, may help you overcome emotional inhibition, can improve your sleep habits and help you better regulate your emotions. And as we all know, cannabis also comes with a ton of health and wellness perks… so it seems to make perfect sense that keeping a cannabis journal is a key to happiness that many of us are overlooking.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons you should be writing about your weed experiences and you should start keeping a strain tracker journal ASAP.

1. It Will Help You Remember and Internalize Your Experience

Writing things down helps solidify information from a fleeting thought into a more concrete memory. Think about how you learn new information or remember important dates / responsibilities / ideas. If you write it down, you’re more likely to reflect on that information later and internalize what is happening in that moment. The same applies to cannabis. Keeping a cannabis journal can help you remember how you felt before you consumed marijuana versus how you felt during and after. You will be able to verbalize the transition in your physical state and your emotional state, and you’ll be more mindful about how cannabis is making you feel.

2. A Strain Tracker Journal Will Help You Hone Your Cannabis Habits

While cannabis is a fairly harmless substance in that there are very few side effects when consumed responsibly, there are, in some cases, still some undesirable effects. Perhaps you wanted to feel uplifted or energized but a certain strain of cannabis made you sleepy. Maybe you tried edibles and the effects were far too strong or the strain was far too potent for you. Whatever the outcome, euphoric or sedative, if you write it down, you’ll be able to adjust your dosage and your choices next time.

3. You Can Keep Tabs on Your Favorite Cannabis Strains

Every strain of cannabis is unique. And beyond that, with so many hybrid strains out there, and so many different ways to consume pot, keeping a strain tracker journal to organize your favorite (and least favorite) types of cannabis seems almost essential.

4. You Might Learn Something About Yourself

Journals are windows into your habits, your preferences, your routines and your needs. You’ll learn if you are more likely to turn to cannabis to relax, to energize, to unplug, to wind down, to sleep, to enhance an intimate relationship or to just have fun. By keeping a cannabis journal you’ll get a better understand of who you are and how weed is a part of your life.

5. You Will Improve Your Senses and Your Experience

Imagine how different it is to sip wine when you are focusing on the acidity, the tannins, the nose and the flavor. You don’t just chug it; you mindfully consume while thinking about every last detail of its taste. The same applies to cannabis when you write down and reflect on how it feels, how it smells, how it tastes and how it impacts your senses. You’ll experience heightened senses and be able to look back on what you learned for future sessions.

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