Does Anybody Still Use a Bong? 5 Models that Still Hold Up


Five of the Best Bongs You Can Buy Now!

The word bong usually evokes images of those high school party days when a dozen of your closest friends huddled around to get a hit. But these days, bongs are the go-to way to consume cannabis for many a pot smoker bongs as they cool and lightly filter the smoke through water, which can make for a smoother and less irritating hit. If you’re new to the ways of the ole trusty water pipe — we’ve got you covered on some of the best bongs on the market today.

1. G-Spot Glass Beaker Bong

For nearly two decades, G-Spot has secured its spot as one of the best bong brands out there. Manufacturing individually handmade glass bongs and accessories from high-grade glass at their Germany facility, their bongs are often characterized by their unwavering durability.  

One of their top-rated bongs, the G-Spot Glass Beaker Bong is made of borosilicate glass, and features a diffuser downstem and a funnel bowl. It even has ice notches to cool even the nastiest of hot hits.

2. Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire and Water Bong

German paraphernalia makers, Black Leaf are thought by some to produce some of the most affordable best bongs on the market today, and some of the simplest, too. Not only are they easy to use, easy to store — but should you decide to carry them out and about, they’re super discreet.

Made from 100 percent high-quality borosilicate glass, the Bi-Turbo Goldeneye Fire and Water Bong tops our picks for best bongs for its anti-breaking technology and intricate filtration system — which delivers a pure, well circulated hit.

3. The Black Leaf 4 Arm Perc Bong

Another pick for best bongs is the Black Leaf 4 Arm Perc, also from Germany-based company, Black Leaf. High quality, durable glass makes this bong long-lasting, not to mention, it won’t break the bank — perfect for those who want to test out the (bong) waters before committing to a super pricey piece.

Aside from its dreamy aesthetics that include a curvy silhouette and blue glass accents, this percolator ice bong features a 4-arm tree perc for diffusion and is equipped with an ash catcher that keeps ash and debris out of your bong water.

4. The Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong by Grav Labs

A mainstay in the bong scene, Grav Labs is renowned for its impeccable craftsmanship as well as its innovative designs. Their Straight Honeycomb Disc Percolator Bong claims to offer some of the finest percolating action around, ensuring a smooth, cool, enjoyable smoke every time.

This model is also equipped with an ice catcher upon which you can rest a few ice cubes to make your smoke even cooler, and a flared beaker base that keeps it sturdy and upright under even the most trying of smoking circumstances.

5. Blowjob Glass Mini Bong from Weed Star

For those discreet smokers that still enjoy a good ole fashioned bong hit, mini glass bongs are the perfect solution. They’re tiny, inconspicuous, and can easily be stored in a small drawer or other private space.

Weed Star’s Blowjob glass water pipe features a round base, thick green glass trim at the mouthpiece and a chillum downstem with a large-size funnel bowl. It also includes a glass bead roll stopper to prevent it from rolling away when placed on a flat surface.

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