Beyond Brownies: 10 New Ways to Get your Bake On


Baking With Cannabis: 10 New & Delicious Recipes

Once upon a time the only ways you would consider consuming marijuana was by smoking, or baking it into brownies. Your options were pretty limited back in the days before vaporizers and edibles and legalized marijuana sold at established dispensaries. But now when it comes to baking with cannabis, it seems the possibilities are almost endless, with more and more food products and recipes boasting a healthy dose of THC as a key ingredient.

Bye-bye weed brownies. Hello canna butter and mac n’ cheese and Rice Krispie treats and everything in between. Your Mary menu just got a lot more interesting and a lot more fun. So let’s get started. After all, basic pot brownies are so college. It’s time to up your game and get your bake on in a whole new way with these 10 mind-blowing and mind-altering recipes.

Epic Ideas for Cooking and Baking with Cannabis

1. Cannabutter

The building blocks of any delicious recipe often include butter, so it should be no surprise that any tasty recipe using cannabis would also start with butter. But this is no ordinary butter. Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter, and it’s a must-have for everything from cookies to brownies to pasta to popcorn. You can make it for immediate use or freeze batches for future recipes. You probably tried to make cannabutter back in your younger and less experienced days, but this recipe is a foolproof way to do it.

2. Chronic Krispie Treats

This is one of our favorite marijuana baking recipes out there. Rice Krispie treats are good, but rice Krispie treats that are infused with hash are another level of awesome. This recipe is modeled after a traditional confection, but it has two major additions: 2 grams of cannabis concentrate and 1 tbsp sunflower lecithin powder, to help your body readily absorb cannabinoids (note, this part is optional). Be careful — they are addictive and delicious, but also really strong, so consume with caution and in moderation.

3. Cannabis Chocolate Chip Vanilla Cookies

We told you perfect cannabutter would come in handy… this cookie recipe uses 1 cup of cannabutter and vanilla pudding mix to add a new twist to your favorite chocolate chip treat. The result is a gooey cookie that is loaded with flavor, with a hint of cannabis that will positively affect more than your taste buds.

4. Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate-covered strawberries are so simple, yet so sophisticated. Dare we say they’re even civilized? Well, they were, before they were dipped in weed-infused chocolate.

5. Laid Back Latkes

These crispy, crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth good latkes are better than grandma’s recipe. Why, you ask? Because they’re fried in cannabis-infused vegetable oil, of course. And perhaps the best advice is to “drain the latkes on a bed of rice or couscous to help catch the excess cannabis oil.” That way you can devour the rice too, and not let a drop of that cannabis oil go to waste. Pure genius!

6. Mac n’ Cheese

Who doesn’t love mac n’ cheese? The gooey, cheesy, perfectly seasoned pasta dish is always a fan favorite, and this recipe takes it to another level. Not only is it topped with crispy onion rings (wow) but it’s infused with cannabis. We know, your mouth is watering. Seriously, we dare you to show us a dish that is more comforting on a cold day. And the best part is, it’s even better the next day when you dig into the leftovers.

7. Marijuana Maple Glazed Carrots

Chef Chris Yang specializes in cannabis cuisine and hosts Pop Cultivate, a monthly series of infused dinners (yes it’s a thing) in LA. One of his top recipes are these glazed carrots, which is a simple dish that is so easy to make but also incredibly delicious. The cannabutter mixed with fresh herbs, maple syrup and fresh lemon juice really gives these sometimes boring veggies a boost.

8. “Besto Pesto” Cannabis Pizza

Pesto seems like an obvious opportunity to infuse some marijuana into the recipe (maybe it’s the high herb contents or the bright green color). This pesto pizza is a perfect way to medicate while you eat, largely because it’s pizza and pizza is delicious, but also because pesto is made from olive oil, which is an optimal medium for cannabis infusion.

9. Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Winter is almost here, and colder weather calls for more soup. Give your bowl of stew a kick by whipping up this creamy, cheesy, broccoli soup, that hits the spot and has a hint of cannabis.

10. Homemade Cannabis Granola

There’s nothing better than homemade granola for breakfast or to just snack on when you get a craving. And the beauty of granola is you can make it whatever you want with whatever fruits, nuts or spices you have lying around. This recipe uses canna-coconut oil to add a dose of cannabis in a super potent way, because the coconut oil is able to absorb more cannabinoids than butter or other oils.

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