How Botanika Life’s Founders Turned Their Pain Into Purpose

How Botanika Life’s Founders Turned Their Pain Into Purpose-MainPhoto

The very last thing Casey Cooper ever imagined was that her life would one day orbit entirely around a plant — much less the cannabis plant. After all, not only had she grown up in an avid health-centric household as a child, but she was a woman with a promising legal career ramping up with momentum, her own consulting business on the side, and every reason to think her path had already been carved and clear.

Until her husband Brad Emmons, a lifelong athlete, suffered crippling pain after ACL surgery and found himself quickly turning to prescription opioids to manage his discomfort. Concerned about the well-known dangers of this type of addiction, Casey got rid of his pain-killers and insisted that they seek a safer, more natural solution. Brad, unsure where else to turn, began to smoke cannabis to treat the pain.

Eluding the Stoner Stigma

But Casey was still unsettled. Even though she saw first-hand how marijuana was helping Brad, she cringed at the stigma of the stoner, which back then was still alive and well — especially on the East Coast, where they were from — and she was weary of how any association with cannabis would fare on her developing career.

The academic demands of law school began to intensify for her, and with these rigors came many sleepless nights. Pretty soon it was Casey who was the one with a critical day-to-day health challenge: a severe case of chronic insomnia that refused to let up. And the more challenging law school became, the less she was able to sleep, each day blurring into the next, with her body in a constant state of crash mode as her baseline default. She knew it was no way to live, but she had no idea how to treat it.

The Gummy That Changed Everything

Desperate, she agreed to try a gummy edible brought to her by a friend who knew that Casey didn’t smoke cannabis — and the unexpected full night’s rest and sweet relief that followed hit Casey with a revelation that gave a whole new meaning to the concept of “sleep on it.”

After incorporating cannabis products into her wellness regimen, not only did she begin sleeping soundly and feeling more balanced in her waking life, but she also started to realize that whatever sense of stigma or disdain that she had ever ascribed toward cannabis was now quickly transforming into genuine wonder and awe.

A CBD Revelation

With Brad’s pain in check and Casey’s insomnia abolished, the couple couldn’t help but dive deeper into the health benefits of the plant, an impassioned journey that inevitably led them to the world of CBD. Finally, they were able to zero in on an element of the cannabis plant that was legal, safe, non-habit forming and loaded with not only one or two medical benefits, but an entire world of healing properties that could help so many others like themselves.

In 2017, each one decided to walk away from their respective careers and committed themselves to crafting a premium line of CBD products called Botanika Life, designed to engender health, happiness, harmony and a holistic way of life. For Casey Cooper and Brad Emmons, their pain became the blueprint for their path—and natural healing through CBD became their purpose.

Botanika Life offers a dynamic collection of all-natural, THC-free CBD products — topical and for consumption — that are non-habit forming, non-psychoactive and perfectly safe for all members of the family. Each product is FDA and DSHEA compliant, made with the highest quality formulation and designed for complete balance of body and mind.

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