Bottoms Up: Welcome to the World of Weed-Infused Wine


Weed infused wine is the latest marriage between cannabis and consumables. Weed infused wine was perhaps an inevitable mash-up, following closely on the heels of the weed infused coffee. A prominent figure in the weed and wine world is Rebel Coast Winery, a vineyard that has been producing conventional wines in the Sonoma valley for years.

A Brand New Twist on a New-ish Concept

Weed infused wine isn’t an entirely novel product in cannabusiness. Wine companies like Cannawine, for example, have already been producing blends that contain CBD extract, complementing the purported health benefits of wine with the health benefits of CBD, making your glass of wine a bona fide session of wine therapy.

Unlike existing canna wine companies, however, Rebel Coast Winery has developed a weed-infused wine that contains THC, setting it apart from products that are currently on the market. Each glass provides a “dose” of approximately four grams of THC, with each bottle containing a total of 16 grams. This means that this bottle of weed infused wine is perfect for sharing with at a friend or two for a nice, mellow high.

Perhaps even more significant than Rebel Coast’s THC content? Rebel Coast Wine’s weed infused Sauvignon Blanc is entirely free of alcohol. A glass of their Sauvignon Blanc is going to have all the sensory characteristics of wine, with an added bouquet of cannabis sativa, but drinking it will get you high rather than drunk.

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