Cacao and Cannabis: A Love Story


Pot and brownies have been in a happy marriage for decades, but recently, savvy artisans in the marijuana industry have been rekindling the love between cacao and cannabis. With cacao’s historical reputation as an aphrodisiac and cannabis’s ability to take you to a place of bliss, cannabis chocolate is even more appealing to consumers, whether from a recreational or medical standpoint.

One obvious reason why cacao and cannabis are so well-suited for one another is that you can taste the former without having to taste the latter. Unless you like the particular flavor that marijuana can impart on edibles, getting your cannabis buzz through a nug of chocolate is one way for you to fully savor your marijuana medicine without having to taste its underlying, vegetal nature. There’s also something ritualistic about eating a piece of chocolate, which is an experience that consumers aren’t going to be able to get through a gummy.

The Science behind Cacao and Cannabis

More than just a cultural pairing of ingredients, chocolate and cannabis also share a similar euphoria-inducing quality. (Clearly, cacao and cannabis were meant to be.) Chocolate contains a compound called anandamide that mimics the psychoactive effects of THC. Whether or not this explains the euphoria you experience after having a good bit of chocolate with or without cannabis remains to be seen; after all, one expert once calculated that a 130-pound person would have to consume 25 pounds of chocolate to actually achieve a marijuana-like high.

Taking cannabis along with chocolate may potentiate the effects of both THC and CBD, as fats have been found to double or triple the exposure of cannabinoids to subjects in animal studies. For patients who are using cannabis chocolate for medical purposes, this synergy or enhancement of experience may help to reduce the overall cost of chocolate therapy.

Cannabis Chocolate on the Market

You’re only going to be able to get your hands on an artisanal marijuana chocolate bar if you live in a state with legal dispensaries. If you do end up in a place where marijuana chocolate is legal, you’re going to have no lack of options. Here are a couple of standouts to look for:

Kiva Confections is a not-for-profit California chocolate collective that makes award-winning weed chocolate in bars, mints, and single-dose products using California-grown herb. Each of their products is tested for potency and labeled clearly, containing just THC or a 1:1 mix of THC and CBD in doses ranging from 15 to 45 mg per serving. The bars containing CBD are going to be more novice-friendly and may be more appropriate for medical marijuana patients looking to avoid a stronger psychoactive hit from their cacao.

Satori uses sustainably-grown cacao sourced by TCHO, a California-based chocolatier, to make their weed chocolate bars and chocolate bites with 9 to 15 mg per serving. Their Wild Strawberries in Organic Milk Chocolate bar won first place in this year’s High Times Best Edible category. Recognizing chocolate to be part of a sensuous ritual, Satori teamed up with Sutra Sensuals to create a bundle called Bud Potion No. 9 that includes chocolate and THC-infused sensual massage oil.

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