Canna-Bliss: Can Marijuana Dating Platforms Elevate Your Love?


Cannabis Matchmaker: Taking Dating Platforms to the Next Level

If you’re tired of being single and are looking for somebody who shares your love of weed — you may want to try a cannabis matchmaker. From Tinder-esque apps that allow you to search for that special someone with a swipe of a finger to personalized one-on-one matchmaking services geared especially for tokers, stoners are now successfully finding canna-love through online 420 dating.

Cannabis May Benefit Your Love Life

Aside from having someone to spark up with, are there any benefits to seeking a fellow canna-lover? It’s no surprise that smoking weed can help you feel more open and relaxed, as well as have a more positive outlook, but research shows that smoking together may be the key to happy relationships.

Disagreements happen in even the best of partnerships, but if you and your boo light up together, you may have less conflict. A 2014 study  published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors found that couples who smoke together probably have a similar set of values, which may result in less arguing.

“It is possible, for example, that — similar to a drinking partnership — couples who use marijuana together may share similar values and social circles, and it is this similarity that is responsible for reducing the likelihood of conflict,” explained lead author, Kenneth Leonard, PhD, in the study.

It probably goes without saying that sex is one of the more important aspects of a relationship. What may surprise you, however, is that being in a relationship with a fellow stoner may lead to longer, better sex — and more of it. Previous research has not only found that cannabis users have 20 percent more sex than non-users, but a 2009 study revealed that getting busy after using cannabis lead to more relaxation, and euphoric feelings, which can result in more enjoyable sex.

Turning to a Cannabis Matchmaker

So, sharing a love for mary jane may help a relationship – but, where does the lonely stoner go to find love?

Thanks to sites like Highly Devoted — the self-proclaimed world’s first cannabis dating service – singles everywhere can now find their perfect weed-loving mate. Since 2015, the personalized matchmaking site has offered individually crafted matches for marijuana users, as well as dating coaching for those unlucky in love. But canna-love doesn’t come cheap, with Highly Devoted’s cannabis matchmaker services ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

However, according to its founder, the pricey cost of finding canna-love may be worth it since having a passion for herb just may be key in finding honest connections. “Cannabis is almost an analogy for being authentic,” Molly Peckler, the women behind LA-based Highly Devoted, explains to the New York Times. “If this is a part of your life, then you should be open and honest about that, especially if you’re trying to start a romantic relationship with someone.”

Diving into the Cannabis Dating World

If you’re ready to find that perfect cannabis-smoking soulmate (but aren’t looking to shell out thousands of dollars in the process) – there’s no shortage of 420 dating apps that are ready to help you find love…or at least a date.

The popular cannabis matchmaker site, High There!, follows in the steps of other mainstream dating apps, like Tinder, allowing users to see photos of other users, along with information about how far away they are. Rather than swiping left or right, users click buttons labeled “Bye There!” for people they don’t want to get to know and “High There!” for ones they do.

Another cannabis dating site that is gaining steam is My420Mate, which has its users fill out a brief questionnaire, which includes questions on your energy level when consuming cannabis and how you prefer to consume it.

“As a person who uses the benefits of cannabis, I thought it would be nice to have a way to meet potential dates and friends, alike, who supported cannabis use,” 420Mates’s co-founder Miguel Lozano explains to the Chicago Tribune.

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