Canna-Boogie: Does Marijuana Make You a Better Dancer?

Canna-Boogie: Does Marijuana Make You a Better Dancer?-MainPhoto

Many cannabis users will insist that dancing while high is better than when you’re not. But does weed make you a better dancer? On the dancefloor, aside from the base pumping, high dancers can usually feel they’re heart beating, too. Their overall sensory perception has been enhanced considerably thanks to the effects of cannabis’ chemical compounds THC and CBD.

But before we look at what science has to say about cannabis making us better dancers, let’s assume it simply feels better because of the ´wow´ effect that smoking pot gives us in general. So that although you may not be performing any new, ultra-sophisticated dance steps while high, you may be perceiving those classic dance moves of yours from a whole new perspective.

In general, cannabis can make you feel either more or less aware of your body, depending on the strain and the person.  In the case that you are made more aware of your groovy body, feeling the music all the more, does weed really make you a better dancer than you were without it?

Canna-Boogie-ing Throughout Music History

You can’t truly get down without music. And while music stimulates the brain’s reward centers, dance activates its sensory and motor circuits. Throughout history cannabis has had a strong link to the music world, especially through genres like jazz, reggae, and rock.  In numerous studies, cannabis has been reported to enhance our appreciation of music, which explains why concert and nightclub attendees like to get high and dance their troubles away. But are these club –and- concert-goers dancing better on cannabis?

It seems that while their senses are stimulated on cannabis, their coordination is not at their best. Their reaction times are probably slower and their coordination has seen better days. In a study published in the Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, cannabis users displayed impaired motor coordination, motor abilities, and visual perception. While a 2017 study published in Science Direct, reported that cannabis impaired one’s ability to switch between tasks, slowing down one´s reaction time.

Dancing While High Won’t You a Better Dancer, Though You’ll Feel Like You Are

This means that if you were going to compete in a televised ballroom dancing competition, where reaction times and motors skills are crucial, it would probably be better to skip getting high. But if you’re going to get high just to enjoy the music and how it feels pulsing throughout your body, who cares if your dance moves aren’t at their best. As long as you feel at your best while dancing.

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