Cannabis Control: Master the Art of Moderation


As with any source of pleasure and mind-altering goodness, with that great power comes great responsibility. You must exercise serious control and awareness when it comes to indulgences of every type, from donuts to wine to pasta to pot. The concept of marijuana moderation isn’t a new idea, but it’s incredibly important if you want to master how to smoke weed responsibly and you want to ensure an enjoyable experience — and a safe experience that isn’t taken too far.

Think about a typical night out with friends. One glass of wine at dinner can turn until three which can turn into a nightcap and a major dose of regret the next day. Control is key. If you manage your intake, and you exercise a little will power you can enjoy your evening without the follow-up hangover, which can cast a negative shadow on even the best memories. The same applies to marijuana. Contrary to what you may think, or what you tell yourself in the moment, more is not more when it comes to weed.

Marijuana moderation is actually the best way to make any pot experience pleasurable, without the pain.

There are several physical and mental benefits of marijuana. The medical benefits are legit and lasting for a wide variety of ailments, from chronic pain to anxiety. And on the recreational side of the spectrum, pot can make you feel good. It can help you relax, can boost your mood, and it just may increase your sex drive. But all of these potential benefits are reliant on one pretty big assumption: that you are consuming marijuana in moderation, or at the very least, at a responsible level.

Tips on How to Smoke Weed Responsibly

And no, it’s not an oxymoron. You can smoke weed in a responsible manner. It’s all about what you consume, how much you consume, and the time span over which you do it.

While the benefits of marijuana are undeniable in the eyes of both supporters and experts, there’s very little medical evidence to support these claims because marijuana is so hard to study and even harder to clinically test. It’s still considered an illegal substance on a federal level, despite the fact that it is recreationally legal in 29 states (and growing) across the country. While over-the-counter and prescription medications are tested and dosage recommendations are established by the FDA, recommendations around marijuana dosage are cloudy at best.

It’s all about Marijuana Moderation

So how do you know if you are consuming too much pot, and how do you ensure that you practice marijuana moderation in a safe, but also effective way? There are a few key guidelines to keep in mind.

Know What You are Smoking

Generally speaking, anything you buy on the black market comes with inherent risks. You don’t know what you are getting or how you will react when you consume it. On the flip side, any marijuana purchased from a legal dispensary will have detailed information about the strain of weed, the levels of both THC and CBD (the two main cannabinoids in marijuana) as well as whether the bud is sativa (more of a stimulant), indica (more of a sedative) or a hybrid of both. You will know what you are getting, and if you purchase edibles, they are pre-portioned and controlled from a chemical concentration perspective.

Understand Your Limits

Everyone is different in an endless number of ways, and how we all respond to marijuana is unique as well. One hit may be all you need, while someone twice your size may barely feel the effects of that same hit. You need to not focus on what other people are doing or what you think is an appropriate amount of marijuana to consume, and instead focus on your own limits.

Try CBD for a Non-Psychoactive High

While THC is the chemical component in marijuana that gives you the high you know and love, CBD is the cannabinoid that offers health benefits without the psychotropic effects. Which means it can be therapeutic physically and mentally without the same risk associated with THC. It can even be used topically in the form of pain relief spray and range of other products.

You should consume “the smallest dose possible that produces a desired outcome without negative side effects.

Microdosing is all About Tiny Doses and Big Benefits

Many medical professionals and weed experts argue that microdosing is the future of marijuana, and is the key to consuming pot safely and in moderation. The idea is that you should consume “the smallest dose possible that produces a desired outcome without negative side effects,” according to  Business Insider. Various edibles and pot products are produced with a very small amount of THC (usually about 5-10 milligrams, which is considered a conservative amount), so users can safely consume the suggested amount without fear of overdosing.

Take it Slow

When you consume alcohol the effects can happen fairly quickly. When you eat a bowl of pasta you feel full right away. It’s easier to know your limits and quit while you’re ahead when you feel the effects of what you consume right away. With marijuana the effects might not be noticeable immediately, which could lead you to consume more than you need to, or more than might be safe. Take it slow. Give it time. Wait a couple of hours to see how you feel and slowly adjust your dosage, as you need to. You can always have more, but you can’t go back in time.

Never Smoke and Drive

It might seem like it goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway. Never drive under the influence of any drugs, and that includes marijuana. While there is a very clear line in terms of driving under the influence of alcohol, and breathalyzer tests can easily identify if you are over the legal limit, there isn’t the same clear understanding of how marijuana affects you and what level will impair a person’s ability to safely drive. Always air on the side of caution of never, under any circumstance, smoke and drive.

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