Cannabis Tourism: How to Plan the (Head) Trip of Your Life


Kush Tourism: How to Plan the Trip of Your Life

With the rise of medical and recreational marijuana and the legalization trend, kush tourism has become a booming industry, attracting visitors from around the world to indulge in a cannabis getaway.

If it’s your first time visiting a state where recreational marijuana is legal, there are a few things to keep in mind to before packing your bags and jumping on a plane. Read on for a helpful guide of weed tourism dos and don’ts to make the most out of your cannabis vacay.

Plan Ahead

Before booking your trip, make sure to go over the cannabis laws in the state where you will be visiting. These rules and regulations will clue you in regarding the basics of how much cannabis you can buy, as well as where you can consume cannabis.

You should also be prepared before you walk into a dispensary and familiarize yourself with what you might be interested in purchasing. That means doing a little research beforehand and checking out the dispensary site and inventory.

Check Out a Tour

Going on a cannabis-themed vacay and getting high is great, but if you’d also like to learn more about the marijuana industry try a weed tour or attend a themed event in your destination city. Many tour companies like Kush Tourism offer a variety of different ways to experience your ganja getaway by bringing you behind the scenes of the cannabis world, including dispensaries and grows.

In Colorado, for instance, there are a number of marijuana tours that let travelers tour cannabis farms, get weed-infused massages, rent a vaporizer and more. Tourists can even consume during these tours, even in specially licensed vehicles as they’re traveling the state.

Beware of Where You Spark Up

Just because you’re on a ‘weedcation’ in a legal state doesn’t mean you can just smoke marijuana wherever you want. Smoking marijuana in public is still illegal, despite the growing number of states legalizing recreational use. That means you can’t smoke it outside the dispensary you just walked out of, unless you want to get hit with a fine.

You also don’t want to carry or use cannabis on federal lands, including national parks and forests. As reported by USA Today ,thousands of people are arrested for cannabis possession on federal land every year, an offense that’s punishable by up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. And, no, they don’t care if you are using it as medicine and have a legal prescription.

Be Prepared When Shopping

Although you may be ready to shop ‘til you drop while on marijuana tours, keep in mind that some states may have different rules for out-of-staters. For example, in Colorado, locals can buy cannabis at a recreational dispensary an ounce at a time, but the state limits outsiders to a quarter of that.

It’s also important to keep cash on hand when hitting the local dispensaries. Due to federal banking regulations, most dispensaries can’t accept credit cards, and while some shops may accept debit cards, it’s primarily a cash-only business.

Don’t Try to Sneak a Souvenir Home

Yes, cannabis is legal in some states. However, traveling with weed is a whole other story. Federal law prohibits transporting any federally restricted substance across state lines, and per the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), cannabis still is considered a Schedule I on the Controlled Substances Act, alongside the likes of heroin and LSD.

But there you are in the land of legal weed and you make think to yourself that those edibles you just bought don’t smell like marijuana, so why not just slip some into your checked luggage before your flight? Just remember, it’s illegal to possess marijuana once you’re on federally-administered property, which includes the security line at the airport according to the TSA.

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