Cannasexuals: People Who Mix Cannabis with Intimacy


If you’re looking to spice up your sex life, or even simply appreciate and enhance the sex life you already have, then it’s time you learn about cannasexuality. This term, which describes the practice of combining cannabis use with sexual intimacy, isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept. After all, we’re willing to guess that you’ve smoked pot and had sex before. But being a cannasexual is about more than just hooking up while high. It’s a practice and a lifestyle.

Just ask cannasexuality expert and sex educator Ashley Manta. She doesn’t just know a thing or two about cannasexuality — she coined (and trademarked) the term after working to help others improve their sex lives for nearly a decade, and more recently recognizing the potential of cannabis as a way to enhance intimacy.

What is the Actual Definition of Cannasexuality?

According to Ashley Manta’s website, “cannaSexual® is a word Ashley created to describe anyone who mindfully, deliberately combines sex and cannabis.” A key word here being “mindfully,” because as we said, it’s about more than just getting busy while under the influence. Cannabis can help people work through any anxiety they may have surrounding sexual situations, and just as it can help people suffering from PTSD by reducing stress and easing pain, it can also help people who have ever experienced sexual trauma or abuse.

Manta realized that cannabis has the powerful potential to change the way a person experiences sex before, after and during intimacy. And this is incredibly important not only for people looking to improve their sexual satisfaction, but also, and maybe more crucially, for victims of sexual assault or people who experience pain or anxiety around intimate encounters.

So how does it work? What is it about cannabis that can change and improve the way you experience sex and intimacy? It’s pretty simple actually. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for years; it’s just that now we have a trademarked name for it. Under the idea of cannasexuality, individuals consume cannabis as a way to reconnect with their own bodies, with their partners, and to elevate their perception and appreciation of sexual pleasure. You’ll also deepen your understanding of intimacy, truly thinking about what it means to you, and how it makes you feel. Cannabis can help you slow down and really be in the moment, which is clearly an important part of achieving maximum pleasure and closeness to your partner.

Imagine if you could enjoy sex and get rid of all the aspects of sexuality that get in your way of feeling completely comfortable and confident. Cannabis can help reduce stress and help you relax, this we all know. But in your sex life that’s important because marijuana can help you get out of your own head — no more worrying about your performance, or your body, or how far back you can bend your legs. You’ll simply feel at ease, connected and euphoric.

Cannasexuality Isn’t About Getting High.

And we know what you’re thinking. No, you do not have to get high to experience the benefits of cannasexuality. Mantra stresses that the psychoactive properties of cannabis are not what provide the desired results. You can easily choose CBD products (which deliver physical changes without the high) or topical cannabinoid-infused creams or sprays instead of consuming edibles or actually smoking pot.

And it’s important to note that cannasexuality doesn’t just apply to enhancing sexual pleasure with cannabis in partner situations. It also works for solo operations, if you know what we mean. It seems obvious, but it has to be said.

If you’re interested in learning more about cannasexuality and booking a session with Ashley Manta — who hosts events, leads sexuality workshops and even offers consultations via Skype — you can click here.

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