CBD and Melatonin: A Perfect Fusion for Your Healthiest Z’s


CBD and Melatonin: A Perfect Fusion for Your Healthiest Z’s

Whether you’re up at night because your biological sleep clock is off, you experience sleep-disrupting anxiety or depression, or you practice poor sleep hygiene, the rising popularity of CBD oil as an all-around balm for health and balance has some wellness companies fusing CBD and melatonin into a sleep supplement that may address this broad range of factors keeping you up at night.

Becoming familiar with what CBD and melatonin can do for your sleep cycle can help you understand how the two together work together to support a great night of sleep.

Melatonin and Your Body Clock

Melatonin is a naturally occurring chemical your body that gets released when the brain detects nightfall, signaling that it’s time to sleep. Taking melatonin as a sleep supplement is one way to trick your body into sleeping regardless of what time it is. This can come in handy for people who suffer from delayed sleep phase syndrome, a condition in which an individual’s biological clock is out of step with the circadian rhythm of the sun. It also comes in handy as a supplement that prevents or lessens jet lag for individuals who are traveling on a long flight overnight, helping to sync up a traveler’s biological clock with the time at their destination.

CBD as a Novel Treatment for Sleep Problems

Certain strains of marijuana are known to have a sedative effect, which can help people wind down before bedtime — but you don’t have to get high to reap the sleep-inducing benefits of cannabis. Preliminary research indicates that using just CBD for insomnia and other sleep disorders can be an effective way to increase total sleep time. A recent review of studies covering CBD and sleep concluded that it has indeed demonstrated the potential to be used as a treatment for sleep disorders.

CBD itself is not necessarily sedative. In fact, taken during the daytime in smaller doses, CBD supplementation increases feelings of wakefulness, which means that CBD oil taken without melatonin might be a complementary daytime treatment for individuals who experience fatigue during their waking hours.

Can You Take CBD Oil with Melatonin?

Both CBD and melatonin, independently, have demonstrated their ability to help people get a solid night of sleep, but no peer-reviewed studies have yet been published covering the safety and efficacy of CBD and melatonin combined as a treatment for sleep disorders or simply a temporary bout of sleep disturbances. However, products combining the two are already available on the market and purport to harness the benefits of both. Alternatively, you could use separate products to achieve the same results as a combined supplement, though you’ll want to experiment with the dosage of CBD to find an effective strength.

In theory, a sleep aid containing both CBD and melatonin is a two-pronged approach to treating symptoms of disordered sleep. More studies need to be conducted in order to pinpoint how exactly CBD and melatonin work together to get you a good night of sleep, whether there’s a synergy between the two or if they are simply complementary treatments that effectively can replace prescription sleep medications.

Botanika Life makes a CBD Sleep Spray, uniquely formulated with melatonin as well as CBD, for deep, restful sleep. Keep it by your night stand and incorporate it into your pre-bedtime regimens and rituals. Also, be sure to pack it for travel—especially where you might encounter jet-lag.

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