CBD Salves: A New Dawn of Pain Relief for Yogis, Athletes and Everyone in Between


Why Yogis and Athletes are Turning to CBD Pain Relief Rub

CBD pain relief rub is gaining popularity as a versatile treatment for local aches and pains following an injury, a hard day at the gym, or certain inflammatory conditions like arthritis. If it can live up to its claims, CBD pain relief rub is poised to sit alongside or even replace balms and pills you have in your medicine cabinet.

Many CBD salves are available online. The wide range of CBD-infused pain relief salves on the market means that you’ll likely find a product that suits your needs and preferences. For a sore shoulder or calf, a thicker, waxy formulation can serve as an excellent massage rub.

For painful, arthritic knuckles, a lighter cream or lotion might be a more suitable option, as it can be applied and absorbed easily into the affected area.

Shopping for CBD Pain Relief Rub

When derived from industrial hemp, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that is legal to use in the United States. For products with marijuana-derived CBD or any content of THC above .3 percent, but you’ll have to check with the legal restrictions in your state to see if it is legal for you to purchase and use for your pain symptoms.

Also, keep in mind that the CBD salve market is relatively unregulated. The product you purchase may not contain as much CBD in it as it claims, if any at all. The only way to navigate the market is to purchase your product from a trusted manufacturer. The market for CBD creams is so new that determining who that manufacturer is means that you’re going to have to ask questions, since they haven’t yet been answered for you.

The Science Behind Topical CBD

Frankly, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence but not much clinical research out there to back up any of the claims behind CBD pain relief rub, or simply CBD as a topical agent that can be used therapeutically. Anyone that claims differently is mistaken. One widely-cited animal study from 2016 found that a transdermal CBD gel reduced joint inflammation and objective markers of pain in arthritic rats, with no aversive effects. While these findings don’t mean CBD will work on humans, they do suggest potential of its efficacy.

Also, know that “transdermal” and “topical” are not the same thing. Transdermal applications are designed to penetrate past the top layer of skin and into the bloodstream to offer relief at the systemic level. Nicotine patches, for example, are transdermal and not topical. Topicals, on the other hand, are made to alleviate issues closer to the surface of the skin — though the reality is that some elements of topical applications do find their way into the bloodstream that way. Researchers have yet to establish whether or not topical CBD makes its way to your muscles and joints locally.

All things considered, until solid scientific evidence is published confirming any topical health benefits of topical CBD applications in humans, it certainly won’t hurt to try out a CBD pain relief rub — or even try a few different types — to see what does and doesn’t improve your symptoms of pain.

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