Champagne, Omelettes and Cannabis: How to Host a No-Nonsense Cannabis Brunch


If you´re hosting a cannabis brunch, you´ll need to provide the basics for your guests and then choose from a myriad of weed-themed possibilities. What are some wake and bake brunch essentials you’ll need?

Usually an egg dish, an assortment of breads and pastries, fresh fruit, mimosas or mocktails, coffee, quality music, happy dishware, flowers… and yes, the weed.

For a no-nonsense cannabis brunch though, you´ll have to decide just how you want to provide the high noon effect at your brunch.

A Marijuana-Themed Brunch is a Well-Planned One

Experienced cannabis brunch planners know that you either provide cannabis pre-rolls and vapes for your guests between non-cannabis infused courses or plan for a menu of cannabis-infused foods with just the right dosage.

Providing both options (infused foods along with joints at the table for example) at the same time, and therefore getting your guests really really stoned, will call for a ton of nonsense cannabis brunch instead.

The Los Angeles Times reported that in trendy Los Angeles cannabis dinner parties, for instance, the chef infuses each course with just the right amount of cannabis so no one gets too high. This means that the target dosage of cannabis for the entire four-course meal is usually no more than 50 mg. Usually, there´s no smoking or vaping at the table, just cannabis infused food enjoying.

Another option is combining a few infused foods on your menu with vapes and joints at the table. If you fancy yourself a gourmet and choose to provide cannabis-free lemon muffins, you might pair a specific strain of cannabis to smoke or vape, to complement the lemon flavor of the muffins you´ve so lovingly made for your guests.

Finally, if none of the options above sound appealing for your kind of cannabis brunch, you can simple ask everyone to just bring their own.

What Kind of Weed to Provide at the Start and End of Your Cannabis Brunch

At the San Francisco Cannaisseur Series, a private monthly cannabis brunch and dinner party for gourmets, none of the main courses are medicated. But the starters are. To get them chatting, Cannaisseur provides sativa at their brunch table. It’s one of the two main categories of cannabis plants and it’s said to stimulate mental activity and conversation. It’s low in THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis and high in CBD, a non-psychoactive component that reduces pain. To mellow them out at the end of brunch, they serve dessert with joints of Ingrid, an indica, the other type of cannabis plant that makes you feel calm as hell.

Prep Ahead so you can Actually Enjoy Your Marijuana Themed Brunch

A cannabis brunch is equally about the weed as it is about the food that will be utterly enjoyed by your stoned guests.

But no one will truly enjoy themselves if their cannabis brunch host looks like they’re totally stoned and stressed out in the kitchen. To avoid this, do yourself the favor and prep everything the day before.

Premade quiches, breakfast casseroles, and egg bakes, can be prepared the night before and baked in the morning. Muffins and scones can be frozen ahead, and then warmed up so that your house smells like heaven when everyone arrives.

A big bowl of green salad or fruit can also be kept chilled ahead of time. And setting up a toaster and bagel station with spreads, adjacent to the mimosa, coffee and juice station, will also keep your guests satiated while you work on other things in the kitchen and take a hit of that sativa.

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