The Fine Line: Your Go-To Edibles Dosage Guide


The Fine Line: Your Go-To Edibles Dosage Guide

Cannabis infused foods — aka edibles — are now a multimillion-dollar market in the U.S., with cannabis consumers increasingly choosing to eat their weed. But before you chow down on a sheet of marijuana brownies, you may want to learn the facts when it comes to edibles dosage.

Some people prefer edibles because they are easier (and often tastier) to ingest and offer a longer, more relaxing effect. However, the effects from edibles can be difficult to predict, making finding your ideal edibles tolerance important to enjoying your experience (and not having a major meltdown).

What are Edibles?

A marijuana edible is a cannabis-infused product containing cannabinoids (THC and CBD) that you can eat or drink. It’s absorbed through the stomach, makes it ways to the liver — which breaks down the THC — and allows it to enter the bloodstream.

Cannabis can be infused with basically any food, ranging from cookies and brownies to chocolates, gummies, and drinks. However, they’re typically made through two processes that involve infusing cannabis with cooking oil or butter — called cannabutter or canna-oil.

Finding the Right Edibles Dosage

Those new to the edible game, it’s usually recommend to start out slow when it comes to edible dosage levels.

Because edibles have to go through the digestion process, the high usually takes longer to kick in – which often leads beginners to think they didn’t ingest a big enough dosage. After not feeling any effects, they may end up eating more than they should, resulting in overwhelming and uncomfortable effects.

So, if it’s your first go-round at the edibles buffet, most experts advising a dose of 2.5 to 5 mg. However, for those with a pretty decent tolerance for THC, the recommendation is to start with an edible that has no more than 10 mg of THC.  If you can’t access a dosage chart, a good rule of thumb is, it’s always easy to eat more later – but it’s impossible to eat less after you’ve consumed too much of an edible.

Is There Too Much of a Good Thing?

Cannabis edibles are easy to overconsume, particularly if they taste great and because their effects are delayed. This makes avoiding an overdose tricky since every individual has a different level of tolerance. A certain edibles dose can be a great experience for one person, yet the same amount could make another person feel overwhelmed, paranoid, disoriented, or nauseous.

According to NIH, signs of an edible overdose include agitation, lack of coordination, and hallucinations. If you feel like you’ve gone overboard on edibles, and the effects become too severe or overwhelming, seek medical attention immediately.

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