Pot for Productivity: 5 Strains that Help Get Things Done


Pot Power: The 5 Best Strains for Productivity

It is a common misconception that smoking marijuana makes you sleepy, sluggish, or on the contrary, so high that you can’t function. The image of burnouts useless and wasted on a couch in their parents’ basement comes to mind. But despite that very graphic notion of what weed can do to a person, there are actually certain types of cannabis that have the opposite (and might we add a very beneficial) effect on your productivity. If you want to know how pot can help you get things done (and done better) than you simply need to know the best strains for productivity.

If you want to relax, there’s a weed for that. If you want to feel energized, there’s a weed for that. Looking to soothe pain? To unwind? To giggle uncontrollably? To feel more social? The list is literally endless, and there is pretty much always a strain of weed to match your mood. And if you want to know the best cannabis strains for productivity, look no further.

Generally speaking, sativa strains are the best weed for productivity because they energize you rather than act as a sedative. Call us crazy, but if we want to get things done, taking a nap or falling into a restful state of zen doesn’t really help. Sativa is often known to make you feel more focused, more uplifted and even more creative. It can deliver a euphoric feeling, so you feel happier in whatever you are doing, even if it’s a daunting task that you’ve been avoiding all day.

Here are the 5 Best Strains for Productivity to Give You a Boost Today


Coffee often perks you up in the morning and helps you jumpstart your day. Similarly, this strain can give you a sense of alert euphoria that wakes you up, keeps you focused, and makes you feel creative. Cinex is a hybrid strain with mostly sativa, so it’s not going to make you feel drowsy, but rather energized and driven. Plus, you will feel happy and optimistic about what you are doing, so you’re more likely to stay engaged.

Sour Diesel

This strain is mostly sativa (again, good for an uplifting high) but it has subtle hints of indica, making it relaxing as well. It’s one of the most popular strains of cannabis for good reason: it delivers an enjoyable high that is part euphoria, part relaxation, part creativity and a lot of energy. This strain is great if you want to stay engaged on lighter tasks or if you’re looking for some creative inspiration. Just be careful, if you overdo it then you might end up feeling paranoid or out of control, so proceed with caution and stick to an appropriate dosage for your needs and your tolerance.

Mother’s Helper

The name itself just makes you feel good, especially if you’re a busy parent trying to juggle your crazy kids and getting things done. If you need to not only focus, but also be creative and think a little outside the box, this strain is for you. It delivers a mood-boosting high and packs a creative punch so you’ll feel happy but also really focused.

True OG

Don’t be fooled…”OG” doesn’t stand for “original gangster” but maybe it should. This hybrid strain actually stands for “ocean grown” and despite its indica content, it’s a really good tool for boosting focus and concentration. After all, in order to focus better sometimes we need to speed up our thinking (see the strains above) and sometimes we need to slow down our minds (enter True OG). This strain can help slow your brain down just enough to help you focus on the task at hand, whether that be a complicated project or more mundane everyday tasks. You’ll feel less stressed, making it easier to get things done instead of worrying about what you have to do next. This mellow high makes even the most boring housework enjoyable, just be careful, as the high wears off you’re likely to feel sluggish and sleepy, which isn’t great for productivity.

Apollo 13

This strain is sativa dominant, and like most other similar strains, it provides feelings of euphoria and leaves you feeling energized and creative. But it is also one of the best strains for inducing intense focus, which is why it is often used to help people suffering from ADD/ADHD or fatigue.

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