Gear Revere: How to Properly Spring Clean Your Cannabis Devices

Gear Revere: How to Clean Your Cannabis Gear

Whether it is a pipe, bong, or vaporizer, most cannabis users know all too well what it is like when their dirty, gunked up weed gear starts to affect the taste of fresh, quality herb, making it nearly impossible to get a good toke. But how well do you really know how to clean your cannabis gear?

How to Clean Your Cannabis Gear

If you realize it’s time to de-gunk your pipe, bong or vape pen, knowing how to properly clean your equipment is a must. Not all gear is created equal, especially when it comes to cleaning. Here are some sure-fire methods to keeping your cannabis paraphernalia looking (and smoking) brand spanking new.


Nothing, and we mean nothing, will ruin the taste of quality herb faster than smoking your stash out of a dirty bong. Luck for you, cleaning marijuana gear is easy as pie.

First, take apart your bong and give it a good, long rinse with warm water. Add a generous amount of coarse salt to the chamber (this is your abrasive cleaner), followed by rubbing alcohol. Then, swirl the solution around until all the resin has been loosened or dissolved and rinse it out with warm water. If your bong or pipe is really dirty, you might need to repeat this step.

Then just rinse your bong one more time with hot water and let it air dry. Now, you’re ready to enjoy that very first rip out of a sparkling, clean bong.


Like bongs, pipes are also pretty easy to clean with just salt and alcohol.

To give your glass pipe a good scrub down, fill a Ziplock baggie with rubbing alcohol and a good amount of coarse salt. Then, put your pipe in the bag and shake vigorously.  After the resin is broken up, just rinse the pipe with warm water.

Voila! Your favorite pipe is ready to hit like a brand-new piece.

Vape Pens

Keeping your dry herb vaporizer pen clean is crucial to getting a clean, tasty puff each time you use it.

To clean your cannabis vape pen, tap out any loose flowers out of the chamber and take a Q-tip and gently brush out any of the denser debris that didn’t come out of the chamber.

Take the screen from inside the chamber and drop it into a glass of rubbing alcohol until the screen is totally submerged. While the screen is soaking, hold the chamber upside down and gently rub an alcohol-soaked Q-tip along the threading of the chamber, removing any old gunk built up in the threading.

Lastly, take your screen out of the glass of alcohol and once its dry, simply put it back in the chamber, screw the chamber back closed, and your dry herb vaporizer pen is as good as new and ready for a good toking sesh.

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