The Healthy Girl’s Guide to Wrangling the Munchies


How to Curb the Munchies: A Healthy Girl's Guide

If you’re watching your weight and trying to eat well, partaking in a cannabis party will be the ultimate test in will power. Bottom line: you’ll need to know how to curb the munchies. That unstoppable urge to eat after using marijuana, has been scientifically proven to make you want to binge. In fact, THC found in cannabis not only appears to increase our sensitivity to scents and flavors, but convinces the brain that it’s starving, even when you are full.

Key Tips on How to Curb the Munchies

Mixed Messages

According to a study conducted by Yale School of Medicine researchers published in Nature, the munchies  appear to be driven by neurons in the brain that are normally involved in suppressing appetite and not the other way around.

“It’s like pressing a car’s brakes and accelerating instead,” said the Yale professor and lead author Tomas Horvath in a press release.

It seems the neurons researchers thought were responsible for shutting down eating, were actually activated to promote hunger, even when you are full. In essence cannabis fools the brain’s central feeding system.

Outsmarting the munchies: Stick to good fats and healthy foods

Now that you know what you’re up against when it comes to controlling the munchies, outsmart your central feeding system on cannabis by giving it good fats and healthy options to attack when the munchies hit. Before you take the cannabis, throw out any junk food in the house and stock your fridge and pantries with nutrient-rich healthy fats.  

Purchase a bunch of avocados for a tasty guacamole dip, bags of nuts like walnuts, almonds or cashews for snacking or nut butters for spreading on whole wheat bread, bananas or eating right off the spoon. Eating whole fat Greek yogurt is also incredibly sensual with the munchies, as is adding anything from honey and nuts to cacao chips and strawberries on top.

And since cannabis is lipophilic, which means it’s deeply enamored of fat, eating fats can actually help to enhance the impact of cannabis as well.

So, if you really want to know how to how to curb the munchies and feel hungry, grill up some omega 3 rich salmon steaks, free range chicken breasts or a juicy grass fed beef burger to satiate that munchie monster.

In the mood for eggs? Get a good dose of vegetables into your system by adding some spinach, kale, tomatoes and zucchini to a frittata with plenty of your favorite cheese. Be sure to use olive oil instead of butter or vegetable oils since it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, a type of healthy fat that can protect against heart disease and other serious conditions.

For those with a sweet tooth, snack on the darkest chocolate you can find or some coconut milk ice cream to top off your munch fest. Having these kinds of foods in your house already will encourage you to eat healthy at home and not order in high caloric fast foods with saturated fats.

Get in a Work Out and Use Mint Toothpaste

Once you’ve tackled the healthy food in your house requirement, there are other preventative things you can do for controlling the munchies. If you know you are going to eat a lot after you take the cannabis, make sure you get in a good work out earlier in the day and the day after so you don’t feel so guilty.

Finally, when it comes to how to avoid the munchies, some say brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth with a minty mouthwash can neutralize the taste buds in your mouth. This way you’ll be far too distracted by that crystal clear waterfall of cool mint cascading through the channels of your mouth to think of those greasy onion rings.

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