Hi-Tech Toking: 10 Cannabis Tech Companies to Watch


Marijuana Start-Ups: The 10 Top Cannabis Tech Companies to Watch

Up until the recent era of pot, the cannabis market was all about bud, fire, and some analog paraphernalia. Tech companies and innovators have since pushed cannabis way beyond the basics and are making it so that you can really get your ganja geek on as a consumer and even as an investor. We’ve put together 10 of the top cannabis tech companies to follow in the coming year.

Here Are Our Top 10 Cannabis Tech Companies to Watch

1. PAX Labs

Started by two Stanford alums, this Bay Area-based company has been rolling out some of the most coveted vaporizer products on the market, making a big splash in 2012 with their first loose leaf vaporizer. This is another company that knows how to woo celebrities into giving them some high-profile airtime. PAX Labs also works the strictly tobacco angle with Juul, their sleek take on an e-cigarette.

2. MassRoots

If you like a bit of tech drama to go with your interest with cannabis, keep tabs on the situation unfolding at MassRoots, a cannabis social network. This Denver-based cannabis tech startup gives users and advertisers the freedom of herbal expression that other social networks directly or indirectly discourage, all while collecting valuable consumption data. But times are tough for MassRoots. The company slapped its visionary 26-year-old founder with a lawsuit earlier this fall, only to have him counterattack with a proxy battle to retake control of his company. In a pyrrhic twist, all the board members resigned, and the founder is now back in charge with a mess on his hands.

3. KandyPens

You can literally watch KandyPens as it makes its not so subtle product placement appearances in music videos. The company is one of many to work it’s celebrity endorsements (ASAP Rocky, Fetty Wap, DJ Khaled) and work the entertainment angle, since advertising of marijuana products is essentially impossible any other way.

4. LEVO Oil

Calling all cannabis cooks: LEVO Oil Infuser is an oil and butter infusion appliance that makes it easy for anyone to bake and get baked. The appliance allows you to infuse your oil and butter (and even alcohol) with any herb, but cannabis cooks will especially appreciate being able to control the quality of every ingredient along the way, without the usual hassle of making cannabutter. This is one of the top cannabis tech companies out there.

5. Terpene Botanicals

True connoisseurs know that cannabis isn’t just about the cannabinoids; terpene content is also an integral quality of cannabis that gives each strain of bud its unique therapeutic properties. Terpene Botanicals is tapping into this meta-market of cannabis by mixing up strain-specific specific blends of terpenes and flavonoids derived from food-grade sources — cannabis derivation of terpenes are impractical at the moment — to enhance your edible or extract consumption experience.

6. Seedo

This is one of our favorite marijuana startups. From Israel, Seedo is a hydroponic, self-contained grows system the size of a small refrigerator. It does the grow work for you, making all the necessary adjustments from seed to bud. Plus, the system is hermetically-sealed, ensuring your homegrown bud stays discreet and undisturbed. You can check in on your plant with your Seedo app through livestream HD footage. Not yet commercially available, the Seedo is currently on pre order.

7. DaVinci

The DaVinci vape is for the ultimate cannabis nerd. With app-controlled features and software that tracks your vaping habits and temperatures, you’ll be able to achieve precise levels of cannabis customization before long. Plus, this vape has both an herb chamber and something called a flavor chamber where the user can add other tasty material — terpene blends, other herbaceous leaf matter — to further enhance the vaping experience.

8. Ardent

This innovation in decarboxylation takes the hassle and guesswork out of the decarb process, and also ensures that you’ll get a full decarb from your plant matter. The NOVA Decarboxylator is about the size of a thermos and simply requires you to put in your bud, kief, or concentrate; with a press of your button, your product will be discreetly decarbed within two hours.

9. MJ Freeway

MJ Freeway, a firm that tracks cannabis from seed to sale, ensuring that cannabusiness complies with the crush of stringent regulations, has been encountering some technical difficulties this year. From a service outage to a hack of medical marijuana patient data to canceled contracts, the company is in dire need of something to go right. They just missed a deadline with the Washington State and Liquor Board to take over the state’s current cannabis tracking program, but a new deadline in 2018 offers new hope that it can control a huge market in a state with medical and recreational users.

10. Dosist

Dosist is another one of our favorite marijuana startups. These disposable vape pens hold 200 doses of each of six prescribed effects, depending on which one you buy: Sleep, Calm, Arouse, Passion, Bliss, and Relief. If you’re looking to self-medicate with marijuana, these pens take the guesswork out of how to do it right.

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