High Holidaze: 15 Non-Cliché Ways to Celebrate 420


High Holidaze: 15 Non-Cliché Ways to Celebrate 420

Sure, turkey day and Christmas are behind us, but for many cannabis enthusiasts, the best holiday is just around the corner. The unofficial National Weed Day, April 20 is a day for all stoners to celebrate the gloriousness that is marijuana. But if just sparking up a fresh bowl of herb just won’t cut it this year, we have you covered with 15 other ways to celebrate 420 to keep the good vibes going.

Whether this is your first time celebrating 420 or you’re a veteran stoner looking for a way to spice up the unofficial holiday, here are 15 surefire ways to have a smokin’ great 420 celebration.

15 Ways to Celebrate 420

1. Whip Up Some Moon Rocks

If your go-to pipe or bong just won’t cut it on National Weed Day, put that reserve kief to good use and make a batch of moon rocks, which arguably will give you the most intense high of your life. All you need is a few nugs of weed, kief, and hash oil. Pour warmed oil on top of the nug and roll the oil-coated herb in your kief. Let it dry and you’ve got a ready-to-smoke Moon Rock.

2. Take a Cannabis Vacation

In a state with legalized cannabis, you’ll find tons of bud, tons of edibles, and your pick of 420 celebrations.

3. Have a Stoner Movie Marathon

Whether its Pineapple Express or a Cheech and Chong oldie-but-goodie, one of the most classic ways to celebrate 420 is to kick back and watch a great stoner movie. Just make sure you have the popcorn and candy on hand for when the munchies kick in.

4. Try Something New

What better day than 420 to experiment with your smoke out methods? Finally try your hand at dabbing, rip from a DIY watermelon bong or smoke a huge joint rolled in gold papers.

5. Have a Stoned Sex-Capade

Sex pretty much makes any holiday better, and 420 is no different. In fact, marijuana is known to lead to more enjoyable sex — not to mention, couples that smoke are proven to have better and more sex.

6. Throw a Shindig

If you’re looking to ways to celebrate 420 without having to leave your couch, why not practice your canna-hosting skills by throwing a stoner soiree? Have your friends bring a different strain of weed to share, throw in some munchies, and you’re set for a killer National Weed Day.

7. Try Cannabis Lube

If you want to make things more festive in the bedroom for 420, try out some cannabis lube to enhance your orgasms.

8. Treat Your Ears to Live Music

Few things rival listening to live music while high, which may be why free concerts have become of one the most popular ways to celebrate 420 — especially if you love a good Bob Marley cover band.

9. Bake Your Bud

Brownies, cookies, cheesecake…with the right canna-butter, you can turn almost any baked good into an edible.

10. Look for Canna-Love

If you’re tired of celebrating 420 all by your lonesome, check out a cannabis dating app which will help you find that perfect partner to smoke by your side.

11. Become a Marijuana Activist

What better way to honor herb than using your voice to support the cause? Research the history of legalized cannabis and how present and future federal laws may affect your marijuana rights.

12. Feed Your Creativity

Most smokers know that marijuana can get your creative juices flowing, so unleash your inner Van Gogh this 420 and break out those paints!

13. Check Out the Stars

This 420, treat yourself to a gnarly head trip and get outside and look up at the stars, taking in everything the universe has to offer. Live in a smog-filled city? Hit the planetarium for a narrated show instead.

14. Get Competitive

While many canna-seurs probably fancy themselves pretty nifty at rolling blunts, few have really mastered the art of the perfect Snoop-worthy blizzy. Get your best buds this National Weed Day and throw a blunt rolling contest to see who really has the rolling skills.

15. Pay it Forward

420 is the perfect time to release some positive stoner energy into the universe, so go on and share your stash with your less than fortunate smoker buds. It’s good canna-karma.

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