Home Grown Guidance: 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Before you watch a YouTube video and set out to grow the next big strain in cannabis, know that best buds are grown by people with decades of experience and research. Here are ten of the most common cannabis growing mistakes out there so that you´ll be aware of not repeating them.

10 Rookie Marijuana Growing Mistakes

1. Growing Outside

Indoor growing offers environmental controls that would be impossible to get outdoors due to mildew, snails, slugs or caterpillars. Indoor growing also allows for four harvests throughout the year instead of one. Visible outdoor plants are also magnets for trouble even though medicinal pot has been legal in states like California since 1996, reports the Los Angeles Times.

2. Relying Only on the Sun

Though the sun is the best source of light for any plant growing indoors, it’s different for marijuana. Using sunlight through a window as your only light source is not recommended. Marijuana plants need much more light, so buy lights if you’re growing indoors.

3. Over Pruning

Put down those trimmers right now. Though pruning some plants increases their growth, there’s no need to prune down your marijuana plant. Instead you’ll only end up weakening it and potentially killing it if you prune too much. This is one of the most common cannabis growing mistakes.

4. Not Transplanting

Beginners are usually not aware that marijuana roots grow really fast. If the container is too small, they can get rootbound and die. Make sure you transplant the plants into larger containers after they’ve exhibited some accelerated growth.

5. Not Managing pH

One of the most common rookie marijuana growing mistakes is not managing the pH properly or ignoring it completely. PH is how acidic or alkaline something is on a 1-14 scale. Poor pH makes for sickly plants that struggle to grow buds. Get yourself a pH testing kit and aim for hydroponics levels between 5.5 – 6.5 and soil levels between 6.0 – 7.0. Cannabis likes only a slightly acidic environment at the roots. In general most nutrient deficiencies are actually pH problems that cause the plant to be unable to absorb certain nutrients.

6. Over Watering

Watering your plants too much can lead to mold buildup and also result in a perfect place for gnats to thrive. How can you tell you’ve over watered them? Since its leaves are full of all the water you gave it, they will be firm to the touch. Its leaves also tend to curl down from too much water weight.

7. Over Feeding

More nutrients are not better for marijuana plants. Nutrient burn, common to novices, is a type of stress caused by mixing nutrients too strongly. Just like over watering, avoid using high concentrations of bloom boosters or growth stimulants too regularly. Signs that you’re overfeeding? Very deep green leaves or fluorescent tips. And stalks and branches deep red or purple in color.

8. Buying Cheap Seeds from Questionable Sources

Aside from good growing conditions, choosing the best source for your cannabis seeds is key to your plant´s success. The genetic makeup contained within the seed is the determining factor behind a plant reaching its full potential.  And understanding the strain (indica vs. sativa) you wish to produce and how to specially care for it growth, is also important. Make sure your seeds are bought from a reputable seed bank that stands by their product.

9. Blabbing

Even if you are growing cannabis within the confines of the law, it’s best to keep it quiet. Don’t show it off because your neighbor to the left or to the right might want to steal it from someone like you who has permission to to grow something that is not legal for others.

10. Wrong Lamp Position

This is another one of the most common marijuana grow room mistakes. Don’t position the lamps too close to the plants tops, it will cause the top leaves to dry out and die. Using a thermometer and a flexible hanging device that places the lamps as closely over the plants as possible without exposing the flower tops to a temperature over 28-29°C is best. 

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