Marijuana Caviar Aka Moon Rocks: What Exactly Are These Kief Coated Nugs?

Marijuana Caviar Aka Moon Rocks What Exactly Are These Kief Coated Nugs?

If you keep up on all things cannabis, you may be have heard of the kief coated, hash oil-soaked nugs known as moon rocks — which are the latest novelty in the maryjane scene. But what are moon rocks exactly, and what makes them different from traditional herb?

Not to be confused with MDMA crystals (aka ecstasy) which go by the same name, marijuana moon rocks, or marijuana caviar, may just produce the strongest cannabis high you’ll ever experience.

What are Moon Rocks?

While the cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies is often used to make moon rocks, the new trend in cannabis products isn’t defined by an exact strain of marijuana but, instead, more or less a product that’s made from combining different cannabis elements into a single nug.

Basically, moon rock weed, or cannabis caviar, is a small pinch of your favorite bud covered in honey oil with a generous dusting of kief.

And because moon rocks are made using three distinct forms of marijuana, each with their own degrees of potency, some believe moon rocks produce the most powerful high in the world – but can these tiny balls of cannabis really be that potent?

The Potent Benefits of Moon Rocks

Before you head down to your favorite dispensary looking to try the latest trend in getting high, be warned — these green little nugs pack a powerful punch.

While the average cannabis strain has a THC level between 15 and 30 percent, some estimate that moon rocks clock in at more than 50 percent on average, which would make them the most potent cannabis product on the market – and most likely have you glued to the couch for a few hours.

But, since the THC level in cannabis caviar has a similar potency to many pure concentrates, it may amplify the medicinal properties for some patients. Not to mention, some studies suggest that use of hash oils may provide relief from anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

How to Make Moon Rocks

If you live in a state where weed is legal and want to try your hand at making your own cannabis caviar, the process is pretty simple.

After determining the desired level of THC and CBD in your herb (this will affect the potency of the final product), dip or spray the flower with hash oil. Then, to intensify the overall potency of your moon rocks, dust the bud with kief (that fine powder ground from the resin collected in the bottom of your grinder).

How to Use Cannabis Caviar

Whether you make your own or grab some from the dispensary, moon rocks are usually smoked just like most other cannabis products, such as in a joint, pipe, or bong.

Just break the tiny nug into small pieces and wrap them in a joint or put them in the smoking bowl of your choice. Lit up and you’re on your way to quite possibly your highest high — ever.

However, although marijuana caviar can be consumed just like traditional cannabis, it’s probably wise to tread lightly on your first go at consuming moon rocks. Even seasoned stoners may be taken aback by their extremely high level of THC.

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