Mary’s Kids: 10 Incredible Stories of Children’s Lives Saved by Medical Cannabis


10 Stories About How Medical Marijuana is Saving Children's Lives

Medical marijuana is saving children’s lives, treating conditions like epilepsy, cancer, autism and even OCD in ways that complement and even replace conventional methods. Despite a dearth in clinical research, many of these children have parents who have uprooted their lives in order to get their children the medication that they require to survive and thrive.

10 Stories That Show how Medical Marijuana is Saving Children’s Lives

1. Landon Riddle

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia at the age of four, Landon Riddle’s mother began giving him with THC/CBD oil to treat the side effects of chemotherapy — nausea, appetite loss — and also reduced the duration of his conventional cancer treatments from four years to just one. Despite threats from oncologists that they would report her to child services and relegate her son to foster care, Landon’s mother became a fierce advocate of medical marijuana for children. Five years after his initial diagnosis, Landon is cancer-free.  

2. Charlotte Figi

At the age of five, Charlotte was having 300 grand mal seizures each week. Stanley Brothers Social Enterprises produced a CBD oil from a strain of bud they named Charlotte’s Web. After being treated with cannabis oil, her seizures dramatically decreased — to only a few seizures each month.

3. Madelynn Garza

Close to kidney failure after being treated with conventional drugs, Madelynn Garza’s parents looked to cannabis for a solution to her seizures and pain, which she had been experiencing since she was only a few months old. CBD oil was ineffective as a treatment for her seizures, but Madelynn’s father began treating her with THCA oil upon seizing.  The Garzas don’t know how long their daughter will live, but her cannabis has saved her from intractable pain and suffering while reducing the number of seizures that she experiences each month.

4. Deryn Blackwell

Leukemia is one form of cancer that may be particularly vulnerable to the anti-cancer effects of CBD and THC. When Deryn Blackwell was diagnosed with what doctors said was a terminal case leukemia at the age of 10, his mother began treating him with cannabis to address his pain and anxiety. Eight years later, he is thriving and in school.

5. Sophie Ryan

Diagnosed with brain cancer before she was even one year old, Sophie Ryan was set for a yearlong treatment of chemo to slow the growth of her tumor — but it would never rid the tumor altogether. To supplement this grueling regimen, Sophie’s parents began to treat her with high doses of THC/CBD oil. By the time her chemo treatments were completed, her tumor had actually shrunk by 85 to 90 percent.

6. Lily Rowland

Lily Rowland started losing weight and stopped growing, since her seizures consumed her life. At one point, she was taking over a dozen pills each day, despite any improvement in her symptoms. Lily’s parents began treating her with a high-CBD strain of cannabis as a treatment for her condition, and within a week she began to stop seizing. She was able to go off of a majority of her medications and began gaining weight and developing like a healthy child.

7. Todd McCormick

Todd McCormick was diagnosed with nine tumors before he turned ten years old. After the ninth tumor, his doctors expected that he Todd would not survive cancer. His mother introduced him to cannabis to alleviate his nausea, lack of appetite, and depression following his chemo and radiation. Todd only contracted one more tumor at the age of 17, and has since been a passionate activist for medical marijuana.

8. Ryan Mendoza

A severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder was wreaking havoc on Ryan Mendoza’s life; at the age of 12, he had lost a significant amount of weight due to refusal to eat and had become aggressive. His 13 medications were simply not helping. Ryan’s quality of life was so poor that he begged his mother to kill him, according to an interview with ABC News. Ryan’s mother started treating him with medical marijuana, helping him to gain his weight back and to live in peace.

9. Logan Williams

Logan Williams was diagnosed with a severe case of autism that made him destructive to himself and to the objects around him. He ate and slept little, and was impossible to school. After Logan’s mother began treating him with cannabis, Logan became a completely different kid. He began to eat again, was no longer self-destructive, and even was able to attend public school.

10. Annalise Lujan

Annalise was put into a medical coma after experiencing an acute and intense case of seizures stemming from an infection following a fever. Her doctors treated her with CBD, reducing what they believed to be inflammation causing her seizures. Sure enough, Annalise awoke 48 hours later and was seizure-free.

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