The Power of Ritual: Here’s Why Smoke Sessions Foster Positivity


Power of Ritual: The Benefits of Smoke Sessions

There’s nothing wrong having a cannabis party for one. In fact, getting high by yourself can be a great way to tap into self-reflection and even a higher level of consciousness. But, there just seems to be something about smoking weed with friends that is unmatched — and there are some real benefits of smoke sessions, too.

After all, what greater way to bond with your ride-or-dies than to pass around a joint and spark up a meaningful conversation? From building trust to opening your mind, read on for how smoke sessions promote positivity.

The Benefits of Smoke Sessions

So, aside from the fact that you probably already really like your squad of stoner buddies, how can smoking weed with friends equal a positive experience?

In any relationship, communication is key — even in a circle of potheads. Since smoking weed can often make you feel less inhibited, it may be easier to speak and think more freely with others, leading to those life-changing deep conversations.

Another benefit of smoke sessions with your best buds is that you may become more open minded with each other. When you’re high, it may be easier to see things from another point of view, which can help you relate to others easier. Not to mention, that studies have shown smoking herb can leave you feeling in a more peaceful state of mind, which may help you feel more compassionate than you do sober.

Smoking Weed with Friends Increases Trust…and Hugs

Anyone that has greened out on edibles know all too well that getting high with friends can be the ultimate act of trust. Since cannabis can cause different effects on the human brain (including paranoia), letting your friends experience those changes with you shows that you truly trust that they have your back.

And when we feel safe and can trust the people around us, it makes sense we would feel more comfortable — and maybe even affectionate. Not only can smoke sessions promote positivity, but a new study says it may even make us want to hug our friends more.

A 2015 study from the University of California  suggested that marijuana enhances the hormone oxytocin, which is thought to be responsible for certain bonding behaviors, such as cuddling and hugging.

Smoke Sessions Can Make Strangers Into Friends

Is there really anything like cannabis that can bring complete strangers together? You don’t have to look further than the barrage of cannabis-friendly summer music festivals where strangers became instant friends through a simple puff-puff-pass.

Not only does getting high together breakdown inhibitions, making communication more natural. But, because getting high is an overall relaxing experience, you’re also more likely to be more accepting and open to new people.

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