Rec Room: 25 Activity Ideas to Get Into After Consuming an Edible


25 Super Ideas for Fun Things to Do on Edibles

Finding fun things to do on edibles means that you might want to try activities that will keep you entertained while you’re waiting for the THC to take effect. It also means that you don’t have to light up a joint, giving you more flexibility over where and when you want to get high.

No matter what your favorite pastimes are, you’re bound to find something on this list that will complement your high. Here are 25 fun things to do on edibles.

Note: While driving while high is 10 times safer than driving drunk, if you’re venturing out of your house to try out any of these things to do while high, take a cab or have a designated driver to get to and from your destination.

25 Fun Things to Do on Edibles

1. Go to a Concert

Since most music venues don’t allow audience members to smoke or vape, eating an edible off-premises is one way to get high for the show without getting in trouble with security.

2. Put on Some Tunes

If you’re not looking to venture out to a music venue, why not assemble a playlist, or line up a stack of vinyls to listen to when your edibles kick in?

3. Host a Cannabis Brunch Get Together

It’s the classiest way to wake and bake.

4. Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party

Impress your friends with some serious cannabis-in-the-kitchen skills.

5. Sit Down with Your Favorite Cinematic Trilogy

Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather… you might not make it through to the final installment of the series, but you’ll have a good time trying.

6. Go for a Leisurely Jog

Granted, going for a jog might not sound like fun for everyone — but for runners, jogging while high can be nothing short of awesome. Edibles are the ideal way to get high before working out since, unlike smoking, edibles won’t elevate your carbon monoxide levels.

7. Make Awesome Snacks

One of the biggest bummers in the world of edibles is how delicious they can be, i.e. that moment that you want to eat more of that special peach cobbler but you’re already high enough. As a preventative measure and fun activity, why not whip up a sweet treat like cannabis-free banana pudding that only needs a couple of hours to set in the refrigerator? By the time your edibles hit you, your treat will be ready for consumption.


8. Take an Art Class

Sign up for a ceramics workshop at your local ceramics studio. Before you go, have a little bit of weed chocolate — it’ll help spark your creativity.

9. Make it a Monopoly Night

You know that a good game of Monopoly will last you several hours. Your edibles should kick in right when you’re erecting your hotel on Boardwalk.

10. Set Up a Domino Course

Have your friends bring over all their dominoes. Feed them edibles, then start setting up a crazy course that you can knock down once everyone is good and high.

11. Do a Puzzle

Invite some friends over for a low-key evening with a 1000-piece puzzle. A delayed edible high might end up helping you have an epiphany in places that you’re stuck.


12. Collage Project

If you’ve got a stack of magazines or periodicals laying around, why not do something fun with them before chucking them in the recycling bin? Eat a special brownie, start cutting out images that you find interesting, then assemble a collage when high.

13. Go to the Movies

Head to the theater after you’ve eaten an edible, and make sure you pick up some overpriced snacks at concessions. Once that edible kicks in… movie popcorn and Swedish Fish never tasted so good.

14. Go Fishing

If you have access to some basic fishing gear and a nice dock, bring some special cookies to nosh on while you’re waiting for the fish to bite.

15. Take a Hike

When the weather’s nice, look up some easy day hikes to take on with some friends. Have a mellow cannabis-infused breakfast at home, then be on your merry way. Make sure at least one of your fellow hikers is staying sober for the hike so that someone is in charge if things get complicated. Also, remember to bring plenty of water.

16. Picnic

Arranging a picnic at your local park is a great way to share edibles with friends and ride out your high in the outdoors.

17. Video Games

Make a weed-infused version of your favorite childhood treats to indulge in, then dust off your old Super Nintendo for a few hours of retro fun.

18. Go to the Museum

Eating an edible before taking a field trip to a museum can help you slow down while you’re making your way past art, artifacts, and installations that you would’ve breezed right past while sober.

19. Karaoke at Home

If you think karaoke with friends is fun after a beer or two, try substituting those beers with a cannabis-infused mocktail — or even cannabis-infused wine! You don’t need to leave the house for this one; simply put together a playlist of your favorite songs with lyrics on youtube and project the karaoke set list onto your TV monitor. Bonus points if you have a microphone and amp to round out the at-home karaoke experience.

20. TV Marathon

Edibles are a fine complement to the next TV show you’re looking to binge-watch, and they might even do you a favor by putting you to sleep before you get too far along into the season.

21. Backyard Camping

On a clear, mild evening, eat a weed gummy and set up a tent in your backyard. Spend the night under the stars with a friend or loved one.

22. Planetarium

If you live near a planetarium, get tickets for a stargazing show and prep for it with some weed chocolate.

23. Low-Stakes Poker

One way to up the ante late in a friendly game of poker is to eat edibles right at the start. Your poker judgment is probably going to end up a bit compromised, so keep the stakes low and fun.

24. Bocce

Edibles are the perfect complement to this classic, chill lawn game.

25. Take a Nap

Of course, after eating an edible, you run the risk of curling up on the couch and taking a nap. Fortunately, a nap after polishing off a tray of weed banana bread might be one of the most satisfying things to to while high.

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