Reefer Keeping: What’s the Best Way to Store Your Herb?

The weed storage market is flooded with all sorts of options that can leave you overwhelmed and utterly confused over the best way to store weed. Really, though, the best way to store weed is straightforward and doesn’t require too many moving parts. Keeping your weed fresh and sticky until you’re ready to light it up is a matter of keeping it cool, dry, away from light, and secure.

Key Tips on the Best way to Store Weed

The Container

Glass is the ideal storage container material. It won’t absorb or emit any odors and flavors on your weed. The downside of using glass is that it’s breakable, so if you’re a klutz, consider investing in a food-grade stainless steel container instead. It’ll be worth the investment.

Plastic containers are light and inconspicuous, but they do hold static charges that can reduce the potency of what you end up putting in your pipe. Consider that plastic can also emit and absorb odors from your weed over time, making them inappropriate vehicles for long-term storage.

No matter what container you end up using, use the smallest size possible to store your stash as a way to minimize its exposure to air. You’ll also want to make sure that your container is airtight; an airtight container can be as simple as a classic canning jar or as specialized as anything connoisseurs rave about on cannabis forums.

Temperature and Light

Heat and light are both going to be enemies to your stash, with light being the greatest contributing factor in the loss of cannabinoids, according to one study that assessed the stability of cannabis in many different forms.

Simply keeping your storage container of choice in a cool, dark place should be enough to maintain the integrity of your bud. If you’re using clear glass containers, that means you’ll want to keep them within a light proof box or cabinet. Opaque containers just need to be stored in a cool area. Note: Resist the urge to keep your weed in the refrigerator — and definitely avoid storing cannabis in the freezer, where its precious trichomes will get damaged by the extreme chill.


No matter how quickly you plan on smoking your herb, you definitely don’t want to leave it to dry out in the open — it should always be stored in an airtight container. But unless you intend on smoking it all within a couple of weeks, you’ll need more than an airtight container to do the job. You’ll want to seriously think about humidity levels as a way to lengthen the shelf-life of your stash.

The average home has a humidity level that hovers between 40 and 50 percent, give or take 10 percent depending upon the season. Cannador, a company that manufactures high-end cannabis humidors, recommends that buds remain in an environment that maintains humidity levels in the high 50s or low 60s. This will keep your buds fresh and sticky for as long as possible without subjecting them to mold.

The best way to control this is by investing in a humidor system — but the cost is prohibitive and, frankly, unnecessary unless you keep a serious catalog of strains on hand at all times. Instead, consider buying Boveda humidity packs to keep in an airtight storage container with your stash; your buds will stay in prime humidity for several months.

Controlling the humidity also has another upside: your weed won’t get moldy.


The best way to store weed is more than just keeping your weed fresh. If you have children around, for example, you’ll need more than a mason jar and a good hiding spot to keep your weed out of their reach. If you have a personal safe or locked box, make sure your container of choice can fit inside so that you can keep your containers in there.

If you don’t have a safe or if you’re a weed geek, check out the SneakGuard smell proof locking storage container. It covers all the bases you want when storing cannabis: optimal conditions that are critical in keeping your weed fresh, as well as a combination lock to keep unwanted household members out of your stash.

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