The Snoop Scoop: 8 Reasons Why Snoop Dogg Remains the King of the Weed World


Wondering where Snoop Dogg has been lately? Nope, not sippin on Gin and Juice. Well, maybe. But he’s actually been doing a lot more than just rapping and changing his name to Snoop Lion (and then back to Snoop Dogg). Snoop Dogg also happens to be a businessman and a cannabis enthusiast who is changing the weed world one pot product and cannabis investment at a time. Say hello to Casa Verde Capital, a legit, and might we add, successful venture capital firm, founded by Snoop Dogg and his business partners, which just closed its debut fund with $45 million in investments. In case you aren’t aware, that’s a lot of money, and it’s all invested in ancillary cannabis industry businesses, from tech to health to media.

We’re willing to bet a lot of dough that you had no idea that Snoop is a financial king in the weed world. The weed part of that statement isn’t terribly shocking, after all Snoop has been very vocal about his loyalty to cannabis since the 90s, and many of his hit songs (and your faves) mention smoking weed. But the fact that Snoop (aka Calvin Broadus, yes that’s his real name) is an entrepreneur and general partner of a venture capital firm is a bit more surprising.

Snoop has been around in the weed scene for decades, but more recently he’s taking the industry by storm in a new, very financially lucrative way. Here are 8 reasons why Snoop Dogg is, and arguably has always been, the king of the weed world. And now the weed business world as well.

1. There’s a Long List of Snoop Dogg Products to Choose From

It only makes sense that this pop culture icon, rapper, entertainer and self-professed cannabis connoisseur would come out with his own line of pot-related products. After all, Snoop D-O-double-G doesn’t just talk the talk. He also walks the walk, aka he creates and brands a wide range of smoking goods, from extracts to edibles to actual flower as well. His brand, Leafs by Snoop, launched in 2015, and his long list of product offerings are available at recreational and medical dispensaries across the country and in Canada. Leafs by Snoop has everything you might need: 8 different strains of flower, chocolate bars, gummies, wax, concentrate drops and more, all of which was hand-picked and developed by him.

2. Get your very own Snoop Dogg vaporizer pen

Back in 2015 Snoop collaborated with Grenco Science to make a custom vaporizer pen. The pen was one of the most successful collaborations and best-selling vaporizer of all time, according to the CEO of Grenco.

3. Snoop Dogg’s Venture Capital Firm Focuses on Ancillary Investments in the Cannabis Industry

From pot products to cannabis investments, Snoop’s name on a brand adds a dose of validity in the growing weed industry. Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm, Casa Verde Capital, focuses on investments that are cannabis-related, but do not directly produce or sell marijuana. According to the firm’s website, the “ancillary ecosystem is commonly referred to as “not touching the plant;” this category includes, but is not limited to, agtech, health & wellness, financial services, technology, media, compliance and laboratory technology.”

4. Casa Verde Capital Closed with $45 Million in Investments

And just in case you weren’t convinced by the credentials of the managing partners, and Snoop Dogg’s deep-seeded expertise in the cannabis world, then how about this little tidbit: Casa Verde Capital’s debut fund closed with $45 million. To date they have invested that money in 8 companies with a few more on the horizon. Most of that funding has come from a blend of family offices and individual investors, all trusting in the firm’s mission and the potential growth and success of the cannabis industry.

5. Snoop and Casa Verde Capital Have Invested in a Toronto-Based Cannabis Software Company

One of the companies that has received funding from Casa Verde Capital is called Trellis. This Toronto-based company is a cannabis inventory management software provider, meaning that this seed-to-sale software helps cannabis businesses better manage their inventory, ensure compliance, maximize operations and boost business. [

6. Have you Heard About Snoop’s Cooking Show with Martha Stewart?

They may seem like an unlikely pair, but Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have a cooking talk show called Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party and it’s amazing. They cook, they talk, they have celebrity guests, they gossip, they banter, and it all works. While they may not make any actual weed recipes on the show, there is certainly a lot of jokes on the subject, and according to an interview with Seth Meyer, Martha Stewart admitted that she got high off of “big fat joints” with Snoop. Sure, it was by second-hand smoke (or so she says), but we still kinda love it.

7. If You’re Looking for Rolling Papers, Snoop has you Covered

You can even get Snoop-related weed paraphernalia on Amazon. These rolling papers have Snoop Dogg written all over them… literally. His face and name are all over the packaging.

8. Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm is also investing in making cannabis safer.

Sure, Casa Verde Capital is interested in making money, and putting money into the cannabis industry. But it’s more than that. One of the companies that received funding from Snoop Dogg’s venture capital firm is Cannalysis, a “tech-forward,” cannabis lab. This lab tests all aspects of cannabis that is used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. They test “for potency, chemical residue, industrial solvents, pesticides, and unwanted microbes like E. coli or yeast,” all of which are regulated by state governments, specifically in the California market.

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