Tying the Knot with Pot: 15 Tips for a High-Vibe Cannabis-Enhanced Wedding


Living the High Life: 15 Tips for Your Weed Wedding

Weddings are a celebration of love, a chance to make your commitment to one another official, and an opportunity to gather with loved ones. They also happen to be an excuse to throw a really, ridiculously awesome party. Forget about open bar and cocktail hour; the weed wedding is finally a thing and for cannabis enthusiasts they’re a chance to take your wedding fiesta to a new level.

In the post-legalization world, it’s not only allowed, but also more widely accepted, to consume cannabis recreationally in various states across the country. Troy Dayton, CEO of ArcView Market Research, a publisher of marijuana industry analysis tells Fox News, “legal cannabis sales are soaring as the massive underground market becomes taxed and regulated in more states.” He predicts that the legal cannabis industry in the U.S. will grow from a $7.9 billion market to over $20 billion within five years.

It’s a big business, and it’s changing the way people socialize, including at weddings. Just as you might grab a cocktail at the bar or celebrate your friends with a champagne toast, many people are hopping on board the weed wedding train and having a cannabis bar at their ceremonies. There are even event planners that specialize in marijuana-themed weddings, complete with passed joints instead of passed cocktails and cannabis infused baked goods instead of traditional wedding cakes.

Curious what might go into a 420 wedding? Here are 15 ideas for a high-vibe wedding that will be memorable, special, personalized and totally relaxed.

Weed Wedding Tips You Need

1. Have a Bud Bar

Just as you would have an alcohol bar where professionals serve cocktail to guests, a bud bar is just what it sounds like: a bar that serves nothing but weed. It’s a far classier way to get your friends high than having people sneak hits in the back alley. A bud bar comes complete with a budtender (clever, huh?) who specializes in the various strains of marijuana you are serving. And you can set up the weed in cute mason jars with beautiful glass-blown bowls, so the entire display looks upscale.

2.  Swap Champagne Toasts for Passed Joints

For the obvious marijuana-themed wedding must, instead of passing around champagne flutes for the big toast, pass around joints to each guest and then encourage everyone (who wants to) to take a hit together to celebrate the newly married couple. Plus, if you time this tradition just right, it will certainly make the speeches a lot more entertaining for everyone involved.

3. Say “I do” with a Unity Bowl

You’ve likely seen ring ceremonies, as well as other traditions to celebrate unity, such as breaking of a glass and lighting of candles. A unity bowl is a way to celebrate that unity with weed. You would have the married couple light up together after saying their vows, by smoking from a single bowl with two mouthpieces.

4. Serve Specialty Weed Desserts

Dessert tables with customized and beautifully designed sweet treats is not a new wedding trend, but why not give those desserts a boost by offering a selection of weed desserts as well. From brownies to cookies to tarts and candy, pastry experts can make delicacies that taste delicious and make you feel amazing.

5. Have Vaporizers Ready to Puff

Every marijuana-themed wedding needs vaporizer pens are readily available to guests at all tables and at all times. You can even display them in cute, customized jars with your new monogram.

6. Have a Private Smoking Lounge

If you want a more incognito option for your more modest guests, or so that you don’t totally piss off grandma, you can have a smoking lounge, where a separate room is designated the smoking destination and a safe (and comfortable) place for guests to light up and relax.

7. Upgrade Your Bouquets

Forget basic roses and orchids…for the ultimate weed wedding, incorporate cannabis into your bouquets to give them a modern, green spin.

8. Use Weed Buds to Make Boutonnieres

And don’t forget about the men. Boutonnieres are a simple, cute, clever way to have weed front and center on all of the VIP guests.

9. Incorporate Hemp Silk into your Wedding Dress or Décor

Brides (and the bridal party) can sport custom dresses made using hemp silk, while grooms can wear cufflinks shaped like pot leaves.

10. Serve a Cannabis-Themed Menu

There is an entire movement called cannabis cuisine, where chefs and foodies create entire menus using cannabis inspired ingredients and weed-infused flavors. Offer menu options that are made with weed to really get guests into the mood.

11. Offer Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Display beautiful candy dishes filled with sweets that are little more interesting than plain old mints. You can serve a variety of cannabis edibles that are crafted especially for your wedding, customized to match your wedding decor and theme. The edibles could be passed around or served on each table, or to play it extra safe, serve them at your bud bar, where bud-tenders can ensure guests don’t overdo it (with can be a real buzz kill).

12. Incorporate Bongs into the Centerpiece Display

It’s a bit of a stretch, but hey, if you want guests to have the option of taking bong hits, you need to make them look classy.

13. Create a Cannabis Registry

If you’re less into coffee makers and cutlery and you’re more interested in all things cannabis, incorporate them into your registry. After all, the gifts you register for are supposed to be items you really want and plan to use, not just what you think you should have. Personalize your registry and don’t be afraid to ask for cannabis products.

14. Gift Personalized Jars of Weed to Guests

Everyone loves a good parting gift after a fun wedding. Create customized jars of weed for your guests to take home, with a custom blend of bud that you choose and a custom jar with your initials.

15. End the Night with a Calming Indica Blend

Last but not least, let your guests end the night with a relaxing nightcap to help them wind down. But we’re not talking about a digestive or a cup of tea. Certain strains of marijuana are known to be more stimulating while others are more about relaxation. Indica is typically more calming and is best suited for nighttime use.

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