Yoga and Cannabis: Do They Mix?


Weed Yoga: Should You Give this Combo it a Whirl?

Both marijuana and yoga have long been used as natural tools to improve overall wellness so, it’s makes sense that these two ancient practices would eventually be combined. Meet weed yoga — the increasingly trendy act of supplementing your poses with ganja.

While for some the idea of smoking herb and downward dog may seem like the perfect marriage, it may leave others wondering — is yoga better while high? And, is it even safe?

Could Weed Yoga be the Perfect Combo?

As the use of marijuana grows in legalized states, more cannabis users are adding herb to their workouts — and yogis are no exception.

This may be because some people use yoga for the same reasons others take up cannabis — to encourage relaxation, spiritual awareness and inner self-reflection. So, it stands to reason that if both yoga and marijuana bring our bodies to this state of calmness, combining the two would bring one to an all-new state of consciousness.

The practice of incorporating cannabis in to yoga isn’t anything new, either. According to Gaia, the marriage of cannabis and yoga in various forms has been around for centuries with ancient yogis often consuming bhang, a beverage made from the flowers of a female cannabis plant.

But, can getting high before yoga class actually prevent you from finding the very thing you are there for? Or can cannabis actually help you tune in to the ohm that you are seeking?

The Benefits of Combining Weed and Yoga

Although the research on doing yoga while high is scarce, a number of studies have suggested that yoga and the CBD in cannabis, used individually, can help with everything from chronic pain to scoliosis.

So, it makes sense to think combining the two ancient practices would only heighten the benefits of each, especially for those who cannot normally practice yoga due to physical ailments.

Aside from the potential physical benefits, practicing weed yoga may also be key in tapping into the ultimate meditative state that many yogis seek.

Because most strains of cannabis are created to induce relaxation, some believe that yoga practiced along with the herb can heighten relaxation – and may even help you meditate more deeply and for longer periods of time.

The Downside of 420 Yoga

However, weed yoga isn’t without its share of critics. In fact, some experts believe marijuana may defeat the whole point of practicing yoga.

“Marijuana inhibits the ability to experience yoga — the inner self — and is therefore incompatible with the practice of transcendental meditation,” Dr. William Sands, dean of the College of Maharishi Vedic Science at Maharishi University of Management explained to the New York Times.

Exercising while high can also come with some serious heart risks. As reported in Live Science, studies have also shown that marijuana not only increases the heart rate, but also causes fluctuations in blood pressure and a decreased ability for the blood to carry oxygen. Which means, cannabis coupled with any type of exercise (even yoga) could pose a big problem for individuals with pre-existing heart conditions.

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