25 Ways Cannabis is Your Anti-Inflammatory Secret Weapon

25 Ways Cannabis is Your Anti-inflammatory Secret Weapon-MainPhoto

CBD and Inflammation: 25 Ways Cannabidoil is Anti-Inflammatory

Is there a link between CBD and inflammation? Is CBD oil anti-inflammatory? In many cases, sufferers of inflammation are forced to rely on painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications to manage painful symptoms. However, these options can sometimes result in troubling side effects of lethargy or depression, leading some patients to seek out alternative treatments — including cannabis.

Inflammation occurs when the immune system is compromised, and leads to organ, joint, and tissue damage in many parts of the body — it’s also the root cause of dozens of chronic illnesses. Thanks to the presence of two major cannabinoids — THC and CBD — numerous studies suggest that cannabis is effective in treating inflammation as well as addressing the accompanying pain.

But is CBD oil anti-inflammatory? Can cannabis really hold the key in effectively fighting the painful conditions caused by inflammation? Read on for 25 research-backed ways cannabis may be your anti-inflammatory secret weapon.

What You Need to Know About CBD and Inflammation

1. Cannabis Relieves Arthritis Pain

Many people dealing with the debilitating aspects of arthritis are turning to cannabidiol anti-inflammatory to provide relief, says a 2009 report which discovered that 80 percent of medical cannabis user involved in the study, used cannabis to treat muscle and tissue pain.

2. CBD May Be Key in Lung Function

Recent clinical studies have shown that CBD contains properties that helped to relieve convulsion, inflammation and anxiety in those suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, a chronic lung disease that causes difficulty breathing.

3. Improved Brain Health from Cannabis

Cannabidiol may be a therapeutic treatment for chronic brain inflammation, according to research that found it was effective in treating the condition that is linked with depression and other mental health issues.

4. Relief from IBS Symptoms

A recent study found that those suffering from the chronic pain and discomfort of irritable bowel disease may benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties found in cannabis.

5. CBD Oil Fights Swelling

CBD oil, has been shown to reduce swelling in conditions like lymphedema by inhibiting certain fatty acids that tend to concentrate in any inflamed areas of the body.

6. Cannabis Promotes Healthy Gums

If you ever experienced the bleeding and pain that stems from inflamed gums, you may want to consider adding some cannabis to your oral care routine. CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antifungal agent – all good things for the mouth.

7. Reduces Pelvic Pain

If you suffer from pelvic pain associated with conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, research suggests that adding cannabis to your treatment may reduce painful symptoms.

8. Cannabis May Keep Asthma at Bay

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, the effects of cannabis may minimize the inflammation that is experienced by asthma patients, as well as suppress allergic asthma triggered primarily by Th2 cytokines, says one 2009 study.

9. Improved Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

In a 2012 clinical trial conducted by the San Diego School of Medicine, subjects that were given cannabis saw a decrease of one-third more than those given a placebo when it came to muscle-related pain.

10. Cannabis May Benefit the Gut

According to a 2009 Italian study, the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids may be beneficial when used to treat colitis, treating symptoms such as inflammatory damage and colon shrinkage.

11. Calms Symptoms of Psoriasis

In chronic inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, the use of synthetic cannabinoids has been shown to reduce the inflammatory processes.

12. Potential Diabetes Treatment

One clinical trial found that that CBD oil has potential in the treatment of diabetes by healing diabetic infarction (dead tissue caused by a lack of blood supply) and improving sugar metabolism.

13. Cannabis for Periodontal Disease

Studies suggest that cannabinoids in the oil also act as a bone stimulant, which means it may also assist in helping to repair damaged bone structure due to advanced gum disease.

14. A Natural Acne Fighter

Cannabis may be your secret weapon against acne, according to studies that show CBD oil, applied topically, helps decrease oil production leading to less breakouts.

15. Good for the Immune System

Inflammation is a malfunction of the body’s immune system According to a 2010 study, cannabinoids control immune responses and suppress inflammatory responses.

16. Reduces Heart Disease Inflammation

High C-reactive protein (CRP) levels are signs of inflammation that can easily lead to serious heart diseases. A study published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal found that people who smoked cannabis in the last month had lower CRP levels than those who had never smoked.

17. Protects your Pets

Pets may also reap cannabis’ anti-inflammatory benefits, as researchers are finding cannabis to be useful during post-operative care to reduce swelling, pain and stiffness.

18. Cures Itchy Skin

Cannabis-infused ointments may calm the constant itchy skin from pruritus. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology reported that the pruritus completely disappeared in some patients after using cannabidiol cream.

19. Aids in Fighting Lyme Disease

When it comes to Lyme disease, clearing the bacterium out of the body is the only complete cure — which is why some are turning to cannabis’ antiseptic and antibiotic properties to treat the disease.

20. Relieves Migraines

Good news for those who suffer from of the throbbing and pulsing pain from migraines. Recent years have brought a new understanding regarding how medical marijuana or cannabis can be beneficial for treating migraines.

21. Treats Painful Endometriosis

Could cannabis be key in treating endometriosis? Very possibly, according to studies that point to CBD as an effective tool against the painful disorder.

22. Calms Pain from Shingles

Cannabis may be effective in relieving the painful symptoms caused by shingles — an infection caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox.

23. Fights Prostate Inflammation

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin suggest that cannabinoid receptor agonists could be developed as a treatment for prostate cancer, due in part to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

24. Manages Gout Pain

Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory properties, cannabis is being studied to provide pain relief associated with gout, a common form of inflammatory arthritis which affects the joints and musculoskeletal system.

25. Treatment for ALS Patients

The journal Neural Regeneration Research recently published a review suggesting the use of cannabis oil may actually prolong the life of an ALS patient as well as relieve many of the disease’s devastating day-to-day symptoms.

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