7 CBD Travel Hacks to Elevate Your Summer Hustle


The best summers are the ones sprinkled with exciting getaways, and the best getaways are the ones where you feel both energized and calm, poised to fully slip into vacay mode, be it for an exploratory adventure or a deep relaxation.

Which is exactly where CBD comes in.

With its wide range of healing properties that help treat conditions such as insomnia, inflammation and stress, plus the fact that it is non-psychoactive and mostly legal everywhere*, CBD is bound to become your new go-to travel companion. Here are 7 reasons that explain why.

1. Crush Jet Lag

Whether you’re off to Iceland, Ireland or Idaho, travelling can wreak havoc on your sleep-wake cycle, confusing your natural rhythms and throwing your whole schedule off. This is the last thing you need on a business or pleasure trip, but thanks to CBD, especially the kind formulated with melatonin, you’re literally one spray away from treating that nagging insomnia that’s sometimes hard to shake on a trip.

2. Mitigate Hangovers

Vacations often (and should!) come with day-drinking, cocktail hours and sunset drinks, which means having your hangovers in check will ensure your vacay flow remain intact. Whether you’re exploring, chillaxing or doing a bit of both, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties will help keep body aches that come with drinking in check.

3. Own Calmness

Even though your arrival to that remote beach with turquoise blue waters is perfection, the logistics that get you there can sometimes be hectic. Travel means a lot of rushing, running around, coordinating, and even awkward social juggling acts if you find yourself traveling with the wrong person or crew. But a daily dose of CBD on your trip will help tame anxiety, and keep you calm and centered through any and all of it.

4. Stop Inflammation

For many, airplane travel can cause water retention, due to cabin pressure or sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. CBD can help mitigate inflammation that might come with the dreaded “travel bloat.”

5. Recover Your Glow  

Adding CBD Oil to your nighttime beauty regimen is the beauty hack you never knew you needed. Our founder Casey Cooper recommends you “rub it all over your face at night and you will literally wake up glowing.” CBD is also wonderful to treat skin conditions such as eczema or acne, both of which can flare up with the stressors of travel.

6. Pain Problems

Long flights and bad hotel mattresses can lead to stiff joints and muscles, which lead to aches and pains. Thankfully, CBD is known to manage sudden or chronic pain, whether you take it as a tincture, rub it on as a salve or lotion, or use it as a spray.

7. Curb Cigarette Temptations

Are you the kind of person who gets tempted to smoke a cigarette when in Europe? Fear not. Vaping CBD has been shown to curb cigarette smoking, so get yourself a proper device, and vape your way out of harm’s way.

*We do recommend that you check the CBD legality laws of whatever destination you decide to take on; but rest assured, when it comes to CBD, for the most part you should be good to go.

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