Botanika Life: a CBD Product Line for the New Era


There’s no getting around it: CBD is the new kale. The massive CBD boom has essentially revolutionized the cannabis industry,  a) because it features an element of the plant that doesn’t get users high; and b) because that same element of the cannabis plant in fact fosters a myriad of healing and wellbeing.

But with such a boom comes the need for not only the highest-level formulations of product, but also a wide range of ways in which users can partake of its benefits. Quality and  Dynamism. Which is precisely what drove the creation of Botanika Life, our new line of CBD products designed for health, balance and happiness.

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Each product was crafted with purity and bioavailability as the core characteristic, resulting in a dynamic product line that’s all about ease of use and quality. Let us walk you through the collection!

Oils & Tinctures

Made from the finest virgin hemp, our CBD oil is completely THC free. With 500mg of CBD in each bottle, the tincture treats anxiety, stress, inflammation and insomnia. Each bottle is hand-filled to order, ensuring that only the purest and freshest CBD is delivered to our customers. We encourage you to add you daily dose of CBD oil to your morning cereal, smoothie or coffee to optimize your daily routine. Our oils are available in Natural and Organic Hemp, and our Vanilla flavor is coming soon!


Zap anxiety from your orbit completely with our premium CBD spray, made with all natural ingredients. It is completely THC free, and with 300mg of CBD in each small, discrete and completely portable bottle, this CBD Spray is the NEW way to medicate using CBD. Just use 6-8 sprays under your tongue, and let the CBD magic work. You can carry our CBD Spray in your purse, pocket or suitcase for easy access, and make it part of your daily wellness regimen. (Note: don’t exceed more than 8 sprays per day).

The spray collection includes the main CBD Spray, as well as:

  • CBD Sleep Spray: Good sleep is the unsung hero of health, yet many people move through their lives in a constant state of unchecked exhaustion. Our premium CBD + Melatonin spray is crafted with a proprietary and non-habit forming blend of herbs and supplements designed to bring you to a state of deep, nourishing rest.
  • Vitamin B12 Spray: Energy is the currency of our lives—yet most of us feel constantly drained. Replenish your power with Botanika’s B12 Spay, a unique blend of all natural ingredients, including vitamin B12, especially formulated to give you vigor, vitality and verve. With the same nano technology we use in our CBD Sprays, this vitamin spray is the perfect addition to your daily dose of CBD! Keep your Vitamin B12 spray at your desk for easy access to mitigate that afternoon workday slump.
  • Vitamin C + Zinc Spray: Your immunity is your personal legion of defense—so you better arm it right. Be your healthiest most badass self with Botanika’s Vitamin C + Zinc Spray, a unique resistance building blend formulated with all natural ingredients, zinc and vitamin C to fully support your system and keep you strong. With the same nano technology we use in our CBD Sprays, this vitamin spray is the perfect addition to your daily dose of CBD! Make Your Vitamin C + Zinc Spray a key component of your medicine cabinet and use it at the first signs of physical imbalance, and especially when the weather is changing.
  • Recover Spray: Good times are awesome. Hangovers are not. Be a human again with Botanika’s Recover Spray, a unique blend of all-natural herbs and supplements curated and combined to bring you back to life. With Vitamin B12 + all the Amino Acids you could need, this product is a literal spritz of salvation. Keep your Recover Spray in your purse for easy access, and make it your go-to morning-after elixir.


Our line of CBD topicals are crafted with a sole goal: to treat pain. Whether you choose to roll-on, spray or rub, these formulations are designed to alleviate any sort of pain, be it chronic or of the moment.


When it comes to treating aches and pains, our CBD Salve Rub is so potent you might think “salve” is short for SALVATION. A little goes a long way with this formulation, which is packed with 150mg of CBD. Before reaching for that ibuprofen during a tension headache, instead rub our CBD salve on your neck and shoulders. It also helps to relax muscles that cramp or spasm.


Effective, mess-free and convenient is how we roll, or ROLL-ON, to be more accurate. Botanika’s Pain Roll-On comes in our beautiful frosted glass container that fits in your pocket, but packs a powerful punch when it comes to fighting pain. With 100mg of our hemp derived CBD Isolate, just apply directly to any areas) where you are experiencing pain and let our special formula work its magic. You can keep your Pain Roll-On in your gym or yoga bag for some instant post-workout relief.

Pain Lotion

Slightly less heavy than our CBD salve, Botanika’s aloe-based CBD Pain Lotion is your everyday answer to treating those kinks. It contains 150mg of CBD to soothe and relax your entire body from the physical and mental effects of fatigue, overwork and stress. Use our CBD Pain Lotion for larger area applications. In fact, it’s ideal for a full-body massage.

CBD Pain Spray

Can you believe you live in a world where you can literally spray your pain away? With 150mg of CBD, mixed with aloe and our proprietary blend of essential oils, this spray not only combats pain on contact, but has a cooling effect as it heals. Spray this on your knees, elbows, back and other areas in need before and after physical activity. Make our CBD Pain Spray an integral part of your exercise regimen to mitigate and treat sore or stiff muscles. Consider it your before-and-after secret to relief.

CBD Gummies are coming soon, along with a slew of other innovative CBD products that we are thrilled to soon bring your way!

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